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Ecuador & Galapagos for children

Hola kids! Here is Your side! You are correct In the mood for adventure far away from home?

We want to introduce you to what you can do - in Ecuador and on the Galapágos Islands.

First of all, of course, you have to go to South America, to Ecuador. You will spend a long time in the plane to sit. But that's not that bad, because one of the long flights is definitely at night, so you can sleep there. In addition, almost all aircraft now have small televisions for everyone. There you can Watch movies, play games, listen to music, or take a crash course in Spanish! So time goes by very quickly.

The Cowboys in the mountains of Ecuador they are called "Chagras". You can walk through wide green meadows like a "Chagra" horse riding. The Horses are usually smaller than ours and have a fairly soft gait, so that you can sit comfortably on them.

"Canopy"is what it is called in Ecuador when you - well secured - on a wire rope from one side to the other over one deep canyon lets slide. This is for the very brave and powerful great fun!

Through rivers in a canoe paddle is something very special, because there is a lot to see everywhere, to the left and right of the bank we keep seeing animals, sometimes even small ones Caimans, that's one of those crocodiles. But they don't hurt you!

Did you ever Ants, the taste like lemon, tried? Or maybe once Piranhas fished

It is particularly exciting in the dark walking through the forest with your guide and with flashlights after small nocturnal animals to search. At the river you can often only see the caiman's eyes glowing red.

Have you ever been? snorkeled? Yes? Even with little sea lionswho curiously swim around you? Or do you already have one penguin see you swimming past you? You can experience this while snorkeling on the Galápagos Islands - and much more.

Do you like Animals? You come to them on the Galápagos Islands very close! No, you can't touch it! You can't do that in order not to harm the animals. And the birds just don't fly away as they do no fear have in front of you!

If you want, take a look below to see what other children to say about vacation in Ecuador:

Moritz with 8 years:

Ibarra, staying with a local family:
In Ibarra we visited a local family and stayed there. The nights were bitterly cold, but it was great that we saw a lot of life there. We were allowed to feed the little chicks and milk the cow by hand. Funny how the milk came out. They also had their own guinea pigs, they were cute. And we ate at the same table with the family. They cooked for us. For example corn cakes, we ground the flour for it ourselves on a stone. We were allowed to really participate there, really great!

There was a lot to discover in Banos. We drove around there with such a funny music bus, it was fun. The canopy with mom, over the big gorge with the beautiful river, was especially great

I thought it was great that I saw a large ray while snorkeling, and a small ray from a jetty. I enjoyed snorkeling so much because I was able to see a lot of special animals such as penguins and seals that came very close to my diving goggles and wanted to play with me. One of them nudged me with her nose, that was a bit scary. And I was able to watch a sea turtle very closely as it was comfortably eating. In the hotel we could always play billiards or jump into the pool. The beach on Tortuga Bay was also really great, even if it was a long way to get there. While kayaking there we discovered our first sea turtles. I found the iguanas funny, how they waddled across the beach or swam in the sea. They wobbled so much.

Lisa with 6 years:
Hacienda on Cotopaxi:
I really enjoyed the riding excursion at the Hacienda, especially that I was sitting all alone on a real horse. That was pretty high, but it gave me a great view.

The beaches were so great, so fine sand, I haven't seen that anywhere else. And the seals were really cute, especially the ones on the wayside with their babies. I never imagined that the turtles would be so big there, and it was really great that you could get very close to them (at a distance of 2 meters, of course).

Chimborazo / Baltasar Ushca
We got to know Balthasar Ushca, the last ice trader who gets real ice blocks from the glacier and then sells them. He also makes delicious ice cream scoops out of it, which we were allowed to try.

SAMIRA with 9 &JAROMIR with 11 years:

Rainforest, Cuyabeno:

In the deep jungle you have to row the boat for about three hours until you get to Cuyabeno. There you can see many caimans and all kinds of monkey species, also birds and other very rare animals. You can also camp there or sleep in small huts. At night you go on a night hike where you can see many animals, especially snakes and other nocturnal animals. You have to be brave to experience this adventure.

Coast, Mompiche:

Mompiche is on the beach. You can either sleep in huts or in a hotel. Small children can also swim in a bay. You can go kayaking or surfing. The palm trees reach the beach. The food is very good! You can also see a lot of marine animals, such as: many species of fish, sometimes dolphins, etc. The Pacific is great!

Andean highlands, San Pablo lake:

At Lake San Pablo you can rent pedal boats or row boats. So you can drive through the whole lake and admire the landscape and the ducks. There is a lake restaurant on the shore, from which you have a great view and where you can eat deliciously. In front of the restaurant, the Indians sell traditional toys, typical clothes and jewelry. There are also nice huts to stay in. The water is very cold, but you can still swim or fish.

THAíS, with 11 years:


I think it's great in the rainforest because the biodiversity is so great and you can discover a lot of new animals that you have never seen before, e.g. a golden ladybug or ... It is of course totally funny because you can swim there in the rivers and maybe even see the caimans at night and if you are lucky you can see the Milky Way and lots of birds, and if you are really lucky you will see of course, which is also really great, one pink dolphin.

MAYA, with 8 years:


The Galápagos Islands are very, very beautiful islands!

There are plenty unique Animals. In Galápagos you have many experiences that you cannot experience anywhere else, e.g. seeing an orka in the wild under your boat. The animals there are ALMOST not afraid of people. The water is sooooo beautifully turquoise-blue.


I think it is very worthwhile to go to the rainforest. Whether alone or with the family. You can see a lot of great animals and things there. I found it very, very beautiful, fun and exciting there. You can hear a lot there at night interesting sounds.

LUKAS, at the age of 10:

Cotopaxi volcano

The volcano is so beautiful because it's there Wild horses gives. You can ride out there and see lots of animals, e.g. Condors, foxes, sheep, horses, vultures and see so.

If you want to go to the hut, you mustn't go so fast (I went too fast and didn't make it 100m). There is actually no snow in Ecuador, but there is snow on Cotopaxi. You can do anything with the snow. If you want to climb to the summit, you have a good view from above.

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