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Markus Reuter

Sun trance

Monjune Records MJR104

1 CD • 36min • 2017


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The guitarist Markus Reuter thinks the expressive possibilities of electric guitars further - and experiments with repetitive structures in his composition Sun Trance. Together with the Mannheimer Schlagwerk, the relationship between space and time is redefined in a concert recording of the world premiere in Mannheim's Alte Feuerwache - so concentrated and sonically brilliant that the title of this work is literally fulfilled.

Subtle dramaturgy

Precision and reduction to the essentials are taken to the extreme when a large whole consisting of vibraphones, glockenspiels and all sorts of other percussion instruments, but also bass clarinet, synthesizer and large drum set begins its work. Yes, a fascinating “man-machine” is at work here - the extremely hypnotic rhythm, which a dozen musicians are willing to engage in, would make a drum computer look too old at first. The high art lies in not allowing such a continuum to freeze statically, but in building subtle dramaturgies within it. A lot can be done in this regard. Above all, there is a lot of atmospheric and melodic-tangible material that reliably prevents any mechanical solidification. A flat synthesizer, all kinds of filigree, silvery, shiny figure play do the rest. Markus Reuter on guitar only interferes later. Reuter, who now lives in Berlin, is an exceptional guitarist who has his own approach. He was largely inspired by master classes with Robert Fripp, the guitarist of the legendary progressive rock band "King Crimson". Since then he has consistently explored the structures of an improvised art of playing. On the present recording he is playing a so-called “touch guitar” - a 10-string electric guitar, in which the sound is generated directly by touching it with the grip fingers.

Acoustic states of suspension

Let's forget all theory and indulge in the listening experience: Harmonic carpets of sound put you in a state of suspension, and the drums also generate a never-ending, slow-motion beat. That alone is enough to get lost and carried on, especially by Markus Reuter's psychedelic spherical sounds on the guitar. This sound journey does not pretend, but instead exposes even more of its own spaces of association. The individual film in your own imagination is expressly desired. In 30 minutes and thus as long as this single piece on this sound carrier lasts? Or maybe an imaginary eternity?

Stefan Pieper [02/07/2021]

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