Which careers are in demand in 2017?

5 jobs that will be in demand by companies in 2017

Web designer, IT technician & graphic artist

Regardless of whether it is a small hairdressing salon, medium-sized restaurant or a huge electronics store, every company nowadays needs, in addition to its own clear website and a professional social media presence, an IT infrastructure that meets the demands of the highly digitized world. On the one hand, this is where computer specialists come into play, who can set up, install and maintain the required technology. On the other hand, software experts are necessary to create websites, graphics, newsletters, etc. Also in 2017 an unstoppable growing industry!


One of those jobs in which an enormous number of people will retire in the next few years, leaving a large gap in the labor market, which will continue to grow in 2017! If you want a crisis-proof job, you don't mind seeing a little blood and helpfulness has always been your greatest virtue, you should definitely consider the job as a nurse (or brother in a hospital? ...). By the way: Nurses were desperately searched for in 2016 and that won't change much in 2017!

Construction site job market

It is being built, renewed, asphalted, renovated, filled and painted! After a strong year of construction in 2016, according to forecasts, construction will be even more diligent next year. Construction companies employ both newbies and experienced builders to a large extent in order to be able to cope with the order occurrence and deadline pressure. You will soon be able to lend a hand here and turn the construction site into a skyscraper. Hundreds of construction jobs are currently advertised on hokify.

Sales manager & marketing all-rounder

Yep! 2017 will be the year of the sales team again! The search is not only increasing for classic sales jobs in sales, sales and customer service - but especially for employees with a penchant for advertising and marketing. Because for a perfectly functioning company, the advertising must match the service and deliver consistent results. Anyone who feels comfortable in both worlds will be in great demand in 2017!

SEO professionals

Where do people first look for a good restaurant, the cheapest offer, or new shoes? Right: on Google! A gigantic (advertising) market with just as great potential for every company! Therefore, companies need to make sure that they are found. Their business success often depends largely on where and how they “rank” on Google. The criteria according to which Google ranks search results and how they are displayed to the searcher is a science in itself. This is where the booming industry of so-called "search engine optimization" comes into play. (Eng. SEO = Search Engine Optimization) Get involved in the ever increasing competition for clicks, impressions and conversions, it will be worth it!