Where should I run around tomorrow

Translation of "roam free" in Polish

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People who murder others shouldn't run around freely.
You mustn't let these people run around freely.
It's too dangerous, Whitney Frost run around freely allow.
Frost jest zbyt niebezpieczna, by pozwolić jej hasać.
The SGC leaves an alien run around freely.
One of your men leaves a murderer for 15 years run around freely.
And three terrorists with new faces who run around freely.
But we can't just do it run around freely leave, Michael.
As long as she run around freely, do we have a problem.
Tak długo jak jesteś w mieście, mamy problem.
In the morning you can run around freely, talk, jump, bear arms.
We cannot allow the criminals run around freely and determine our lives.
Never możemy pozwolić, żeby kryminaliści kontrolowali nasze życie.
Without Abby and Connor the creature would still be run around freely.
Gdyby never Abby i Connor nasze małe zwierzątko byłoby nadal na wolności.
Their people persecute and harass ordinary citizens while the real criminals run around freely.
Prześladują zwyczajnych obywateli, podczas gdy prawdziwi bandyci chodzą wolno.
So many crazy people like in this town run around freely...
Pomyśleć tylko ilu dziwaków mieszka w tym mieście ...
I fully realize that you are the man who killed my brother run around freely leaves.
Co widzę to pozwalasz człowiek, który zabił mojego brata wędrować całkowicie za darmo.
Why do you let such people run around freely?
Not if the ones who killed Vaughn, yet run around freely.
Never kiedy człowiek, który zabił Vaughna jest ciągle gdzieś tam.
They shouldn't be outside run around freely."
Why do you let freaks like you? run around freely?
Naprawdę never wiem czemu oni wypuszczają takich czubów jak ty na ulice.
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