The public school administrators will join forces

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Should the political communities of Adlikon, Andelfingen, Henggart, Humlikon, Kleinandelfingen and Thalheim an der Thur unite into one large political community? Should the primary school communities Adlikon Andelfingen, Henggart, Humlikon and Thalheim an der Thur join forces with the secondary school Andelfingen to form a common school community? These questions will be clarified as part of the "Fusion Region Andelfingen" project and presented to the population for a decision in November 2020.

The catalog of tasks for municipalities and schools is growing steadily. The population's demands on public services are also increasing. The political communities in the Andelfingen region and the schools are already working well together in various ways. They have been running the Andelfingen secondary school together for a long time. Can the benefits for the population of the Andelfingen region and for school children be significantly increased if a common political community and a unified school are created? Is this a better and more efficient way of ensuring an excellent public service and offering a first-class school? Exactly such questions are comprehensively clarified in the merger project.

On April 15, 2018, the electorate gave the authorities of the political communities and the school communities the corresponding mandate as part of a fundamental vote. In the summer of 2018, the authorities started the relevant work. On the website we provide you with comprehensive information about the project and the status of the work. The link to the website can be found in the left column.