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Canceling a wedding: these reasons speak against the altar!

Fear of the wedding, panic at the end of the day, health problems or a new love: the reasons can be very different. But if you have increasingly stomach ache - should pull the rip cord and cancel the wedding!

Eyes shut and go for it?! It is not uncommon for couples - or even just a part of them - to suddenly get jitters when planning a wedding. A little panic at the end of the gate may also be part of it. After all, it should be the happiest day in life - of course you want to be sure that all signs are favorable. Apart from that, the financial outlay of a wedding is often gigantic and puts couples under pressure. However, if an uneasy feeling creeps in during the wedding preparations over a longer period of time, you should pause again in all the organizational stress and ask yourself whether you are still ready for it.

Should we cancel the wedding? These reasons speak for it:

1. Love is gone.

It's only now, when the planning is in full swing, that you realize that it somehow doesn't feel right. Your partner and you - you are a good team, but do you really still feel love and passion for one another? Do you still take the time, do you date, do you understand each other blindly? And very important: aren't you getting on each other's nerves? Is that enough to bind a person to you by saying yes? If you're unsure, it's time for a serious conversation. It doesn't have to be the end of the wedding or the relationship. But a relationship on shaky legs does not tolerate a wedding (planning).

2. The pressure causes you fear and panic.

The expectations of a wedding party are high: Royal and celebrity weddings or Pinterest boards show how perfect a wedding today has to look like. Decoration, program, menu, location - incidentally, the guests should of course also have fun and woe to the bride has not yet considered one aspect: "How, you don't have an appointment for spray tanning yet?" It is not uncommon for the parents of the bride and groom to be involved in the wedding organization and make their own demands on the guest list and procedure. The first thing to do here is not to surrender to the pressure and, despite resistance, plan the wedding the way you imagine it and suit you. Do you have panic attacks because it's too late for that and everything has gotten out of hand? Then set everything to zero - and if in doubt, start all over again.

3. Health reasons speak against it.

Sometimes everything turns out differently than expected and an illness appears like a dark rain cloud on the 7th wedding sky. We are not talking about a flu-like infection here. Some diseases are long-term and need rest above all to heal. They are also a burden - especially when the progress of the healing process is unclear. A beautiful wedding celebration where dreams come true can of course have a positive effect here. But if you have the feeling that you have to somehow get the wedding off the stage without really being able to enjoy the day to the fullest, as a couple you should consider canceling it.

4. You are unhappy in the relationship.

It happens astonishingly often: a couple has been together for a long time and the next logical step seems to be marriage - a separation would be somehow more obvious. Is your partner treating you well? Is it the life you want to live? You love your partner, but one-sided love is not enough. He should love you just as much and, above all, consider you as an equal person with needs and your own personality. If this is not the case, you are unfortunately not ready for a wedding.

5. You have financial worries.

A wedding can make a big dent in the bankroll and it is not easy to keep track of all the expenses. If your existence is in danger of failing, it definitely doesn't belong on your to-do list. Clear your finances, the wedding dress can wait. Even if the topic is always cooked very hot: You don't have to get married - it's a luxury that you can treat yourself to - or not. Apart from that, a wedding can also be kept low-budget and in a small group. Or postpone it until later.

How do you tell your partner that you want to cancel the wedding?

Clearly: as soon as possible! There is no better time to do this than now. In the best case, your partner is already prepared: You have already carefully let him in on your doubts and thoughts, asked him for his assessment and time to think about it. If you have made up your mind, the only thing that helps is: Out with it! It will certainly not be a pleasant conversation, but it will bring you relief. Of course, there should be two of you and you shouldn't necessarily choose the weekly grocery store for the best place for this conversation. Sure right? Give him some time to process the message and don't immediately bother him with the big to-do list afterwards, what needs to be done now.

And the rest: how should you cancel a wedding?

It depends on how advanced the wedding planning is. It is also important to distinguish between those involved and families and friends. It is easiest to first inform the service providers: location, photographer, caterer, registry office and church. Then these compulsory courses are done, at best you do not stay on the cost and can now devote yourself to friends and families. You should seek a personal conversation with your closest ones and explain the reasons for the wedding cancellation. If you have already sent out invitation cards, you should send the rest of the time a rejection by letter or postcard. Here it is sufficient to state “due to personal reasons” - whoever wants to know more will come to you.

How does it feel to cancel a wedding?

The reasons naturally play a decisive role. It is clear that this is not the ideal scenario for anyone. Nobody wants to voluntarily cancel a wedding. But in the end you should think to yourself: Nobody suffers as much as you as a couple - so please do not take into account the possible sensitivities of other people. There will certainly be a few incomprehensible looks and comments, but you will also be surprised at how many people around you sympathize and understand. It was not for nothing that you wanted to have them around you on the important day - the people like and care about you. When the situation has calmed down and all conversations have taken place, you will feel relief. It will feel right!

In conclusion, it should be said that a wedding is usually cooked hotter than it actually is, because of course a YES word can also be reversed. But if you already know before the wedding that this is not the right way for you, you should save yourself this bureaucratic, financial and, above all, emotional effort.