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Faouzia: John Legend made a dream come true for her

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11/10/2020 - 6:27 a.m.

Hamburg - Fouzia has on November 6th. released their new single "Minefields".

The Moroccan-Canadian singer and songwriter has brought in top-class reinforcements: John Legend supports the 20-year-old with singing and accompanies her on the piano at Charlie Putz. She told Warner Music: "'Minefields' begs the question of what we as humans are willing to do to reunite with a loved one - whoever this may be. What risks are we in times of desperation and Hopelessness ready to enter, driven by the power of love? Especially in these challenging times, this question arises in a particularly painful way. " She also said of working with John Legend: "Working with John on this song was an absolute dream come true. I've admired him since I was a child - he's the voice of a generation and an icon. I felt I'm honored that he wanted to keep me company on this and can't imagine the song without him. "

Incidentally, Faouzia lent her voice to the song "Battle" on David Guetta's international successful album "7".

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