Why are Italians so racist

Young Italians talk about the growing racism in their country

Unfortunately, the incident in Macerata is not an isolated incident. Xenophobic political groups are responsible for many racist attacks, whether on the street or online. Right-wing acts of violence are regularly noted on an interactive map created by the Antifa group ECN. Matteo Salvini from the Lega (Editor's note: Salvini is party secretary of the Lega, a member of the European Parliament and has contributed significantly to the party's xenophobic orientation) for example is a provocateur. It's very insightful to see what he says on Facebook and especially to read the comments from people who support him. Because they are a good example of how ignorant and racist some people are here. Social media is thus becoming a mirror of our society today.

I work in an agricultural cooperative. We do organic farming and work with many young people from Africa. As a result, I keep hearing racist episodes: For example, one of the young men was not served in a bar because he was black. I have never judged a person based on their skin color or religion. I consider myself a tolerant and anti-fascist person. When you work together, it expands your horizons. Basically we are all just people looking for solidarity and respect. "