Is German useful in America

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The close friendship between Germany and the United States of America is based on historically grown relationships, shared experiences, values ​​and interests.

As in the last few decades, close transatlantic coordination to maintain peace and security in Europe and around the world remains important for the great challenges of our time. The United States is a key partner in dealing with the social and economic consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic as well as global challenges such as climate change and strengthening the multilateral order.

The transatlantic security community within the framework of NATO and the around 34,000 US soldiers stationed in Germany contribute to the security of Europe.

The close economic relationships also create jobs and exchange in Germany and the USA. The USA was the largest buyer of German exports in 2020, Germany is the USA's most important trading partner in Europe. In terms of the total volume of goods traffic, the USA is Germany's third most important bilateral trading partner (after China and the Netherlands). With almost 700,000 jobs, German companies are the fourth largest foreign employer in the USA.

The diverse cultural relationships encompass a wide range of exchange programs and private initiatives. Hundreds of thousands of people travel across the Atlantic every year - also as participants in exchange programs, students or tourists. Germany remains one of the most popular destinations for US students. The more than 200 German-American city partnerships also play an important role in cultural exchange.

An example of the successful German cultural and public relations work in the USA is the 2018/2019 Year of Germany in the USA, organized by the Foreign Office, the Goethe Institute and the Federation of German Industry in 2018/19 under the motto "Wunderbar Together" with more than 1,500 events reached people in all 50 states in the United States.


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