What is shear force


Would you like to know what mechanical shear is and how you can calculate it? Perfect, because that's exactly what we explain to you in this article.

  • Shear, Fundamentals, and Unity
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  • Calculate shear for different materials
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  • Calculation of the shear angle
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Shear, Fundamentals, and Unity

Shear or sliding is understood as the loading of a body by opposing parallel forces.
The shearing forces act tangentially to the material surface. Due to the so-called shear stress, the material can be bent, shifted or twisted. A typical component on which shear forces often act are bolts or rivets.

The symbol for the shear force is the Greek letter tau and the unit of measurement is Pascal. The following formula applies to elastic shear:

Calculate shear for different materials

An extension of the formula includes the shear modulus G.

It is also known as the shear modulus, sliding modulus, or torsion modulus. The shear modulus G is a material constant, which means that G is always the same for certain materials. It describes the proportionality factor of the relative change in length of the material. The larger the G, the greater the stiffness of the material.
Shear stresses generally lead to fractures faster than tensile or compressive stresses.

Calculation of the shear angle

Another important measure is the shear angle . The shear angle describes the tilting of the edges towards each other. This is caused by the deformation of the body.

The following applies:

The shear corresponds to the tangent of the shear angle or the displacement of the surface by delta x in relation to the height of the body l. Another way to calculate this is to divide the shear stress by the sliding modulus G. Is very small, i.e. the deformation is not too large and the equation can be rearranged as follows.

This applies according to Hooke's law. If you want to learn more about it, you can watch our video.
Very nice! Now you know the shear and are equipped with the most important formulas for the calculation!