Are the Beatles better than Coldplay

Climate protection : Coldplay doesn't want to play any more concerts

Berlin - Years before their separation, the Beatles stopped giving concerts because of the constant hubbub. Metallica recently canceled all gigs because their front man fell for the spirit again. Dieter Bohlen needs time for the family and cancels his threatened “mega” tour for the coming year. Even born ramparts had good reasons not to do their job on stage. But never has a reason been better than that of Coldplay: The British cuddle music formation no longer travels around the globe to protect the climate.

It is less about acoustic atmosphere ecology. The last two, three, five Coldplay albums weren't that bad. No, the artists want to consider how their shows can be run carbon-neutral. This pause for thought could allegedly take years. I had an idea after just five minutes: the last time the combo was on the road with 109 crew members, 32 trucks and nine bus drivers. There are supposed to have been ensembles that enthused their audiences with less tinsel. You don't have to think about the sustainably driving minstrels of the Middle Ages and their biodegradable hurdy-gurdy hurdy-gurdy, dulcimer and bagpipe - like the freshly mocking Coldplay colleague Sting: “Maybe this time I'll go on tour with a donkey, ride it around town to town, hahaha. "

Secret private jet excursion

On that occasion, my destructive self was revealed to me once again. Many supporters of the band cheer their declaration of climate emergency in all innocence, although it demands asceticism from them. On the other hand, I couldn't think of anything other than insidiously googling the terms “Coldplay” and “private plane”. My unchristian image of man defends itself against decorative zeal for faith. Even when Green politicians and climate activists turned out to be air miles collectors in droves, I felt such a nasty satisfaction: Look! The biggest critics of the moose are themselves.

Therefore, the devil is still in my pen, here Google reference one: In mid-July, the “Luxemburger Wort” reported that Coldplay singer Chris Martin had got off a private jet at the local airport, had attended a Rammstein concert and was the next day Grand Duchy escaped again. At the beginning of August, location two, Coldplay played for the participants of the multimillionaire summit Google Camp in Sicily. The audience is said to have traveled in more than 100 private planes and transferred to the luxury resort by helicopter or Maserati SUV. Some also came on ocean-going yachts. The topic of the meeting was climate protection.

But I want to dampen my lower affects. Lenin wrote in 1905: “One cannot live in society and be free from it at the same time.” Much is required to free oneself from the yoke of circumstances. This also applies to the intercontinental jet set. On the one hand, bigotry seems unsexy. But aren't people who do their thing mercilessly against themselves and others even more suspicious? Like that crazy founder of the end-time sect Extinction Rebellion? Besides, it's not a nice idea that Greta Thunberg could only torment herself across the sea on sailboats because she thinks she has to prove something to my kind.