What is a system generated transaction

In my last project, the question arose whether there was a way to shorten the usually more cumbersome and longer route using the SPRO transaction. Read here how the transaction code or the view can be read out in the system in a simple way.

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Read transaction for IMG activity

To find out the transaction code of an IMG activity, you first need its ID. The easiest way is to show the key for the activity in the implementation guide:

Figure 1: Extended information on the activities can be displayed via the menu.

The tree view is expanded to include the “Additional information” column. The ID of the activity is now in the new column.

The next step is to use this ID to create the transaction code from the table CUS_ACTOBJ read. This table contains all the activities in the implementation guide.

Figure 2: Selection of the Customizing activity using transaction SE16N.

After the selection, the transaction code can be found in the TCODE column. However, many activities are not implemented in their own permanent transactions, but rather via maintenance views. These are of type V and can be maintained using transaction SM30. The name of the view is in the Object column.

Figure 3: Activity transaction code found.

SAP transactions at a glance - a straightforward tabular overview of all transactions available in SAP.

If you are also annoyed with navigating through the tree structure of the implementation guide and have longed for a faster way to maintain data, I hope this post has helped you. Do you know other ways of finding out the transaction code? Let me know - I look forward to your comment!