Can all Tsuchikages fly in Naruto


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TheLibertine wrote:
Tesias means Kitsuchi, the leader of the melee division.

Yes, Kurotsuchi's skills are actually rather disappointing. Why does she have to master exactly the same element as Mei Terumii? Kishimoto is not ready to give the same abilities to two characters who appeared in the same arc.

Oonoki and Akatsuchi's skills seem to me to be quite accomplished. Oonoki can hover, use earth release and dust release - only one jutsu was shown of both, but both are very versatile and of impressive strength, especially [wiki] Jinton: Genkai Hakuri no Jutsu [/ wiki], namely in that Able to destroy an entire island. He may still have a few trump cards, but not more. Akatsuchi can create rock golems that are strong in attack and defense, as well as use doppelgangers. Enough actually, he's not as strong and versatile as Darui, but he also has a pretty interesting skill on which his entire fighting style seems to be based.

That seems to be the case.