Are spacesuits comfortable?

What material are spacesuits made of?


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What material are spacesuits made of?

Michael would like to know from Lamprechtshausen in Austria.

In direct sunlight there are several 100 degrees Celsius plus and in the shade up to 269 degrees Celsius minus. The spacesuit must withstand these temperatures and at the same time protect against dangerous radiation. So protect people from harmful X-rays, infrared rays, cosmic and ultraviolet rays.

The astronauts need different suits for their different tasks. When working in their shuttle, they often wear comfortable clothing such as jogging suits.

For their space walks or work outside of the shuttle, they need so-called EMUs, the Extravehicular Mobility Units (in German the extra vehicle - movement unit). Such an EMU consists of interchangeable parts that can be adapted to the body dimensions of the respective astronaut.

Each suit is built up in 13 layers. Each one made from a specific high-tech material. Thin tubes and cables are worked into the inner layer through which cooling water flows. This cools the skin during the sweaty outdoor use.

During the Apollo missions, the astronauts wore two different spacesuits: one was used for take-off and landing, the other when they were on the moon.
These take-off and landing suits also consisted of several layers. Starting with a nylon fabric made of nylon tubes for the oxygen and to be able to maintain the corresponding pressure. Over it was a cover made of a Teflon-nylon fabric.

A cover was added to the space suit for the stay on the moon. This also consisted of several layers. A layer of neoprene, then a layer of nylon, seven layers of beta or kapton (an insulating plastic) and an outer layer of Teflon-coated beta material. Only materials that are not themselves flammable or combustible are used.

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