What is great content publishing

Outstanding bachelor thesis will be published in a specialist journal!


Tom Ruppenthal would not have dreamed of that!

Yes, as a committed student, of course, he also wanted to submit a good thesis, but that his BA thesis was considered outstanding by his first supervisor (a law school professor) and his second supervisor (a former who is now the managing director of an international insurance broker) was not expected. The supervisors gave it the rating of "publishable quality".
In terms of content, it was about a very topical insurance problem: While business closings and the corresponding insurances due to the corona pandemic are a current problem that is hard to imagine business news without, Mr. Ruppenthal has dealt with the specialty of event cancellation insurance. He went into the extent to which the insurers have a right of termination based on the statutory regulation of the increase in risk. The topic is highly relevant for national and international organizers, as even supposedly small event cancellations can threaten the existence of the event.
The alumni association for commercial law particularly congratulated the publication and presented a small check.

A summary of the BA thesis has just been published in the magazine for insurance, ZfV 5/2021, 138 ff. been published.