What is the fastest SSD currently available

The Micron X100 is probably the fastest SSD in the world

3D XPoint is an alternative to conventional flash memory. The technology was jointly developed by Intel and Micron a few years ago. While Intel has been selling such products under its Optane brand for a long time, the X100 is the first Micron product that will be commercially available.

Technically, it is an NVMe SSD that is connected via PCIe x16. Micron sequentially states speeds of "more than" 9 GB / s, both for reading and writing. It's even faster with the 4 kB random values: 2.5 million IOPS with QD1, or about five times faster than Intel's Optane SSDs. The latency is below 8 µs, slightly better than Intel's 10 µs.

The Micron X100 will be delivered to selected customers this quarter. Further specifications, prices, available capacities and availability in the mass market are not yet known. By the time of the big market launch, however, Intel's second generation of 3D XPoint SSDs could be available, which is being developed independently by Micron and is expected to increase significantly in terms of speed.

The prices of 3D XPoint are currently still too high for most consumers - a 58 GB Optane SSD costs 135 euros on Amazon. It is not yet clear whether this will change with the next generation of storage.

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