Is there an offline Wikipedia app

Use maps and Wikipedia offline

Maps and the content of Wikipedia can also be used without an Internet connection. This is practical because it works regardless of the data connection, whether on the smartphone when hiking or on the laptop on the train. In addition, offline use is absolutely data-efficient. This is made possible, for example, by the OsmAnd, Marble and Kiwix projects.

Orientation and navigation on the go

You don't have to do without navigation even without an internet connection, because the maps from the free software project OpenStreetMap can be downloaded and used offline. This means that the navigation is independent of a data connection. This is particularly useful abroad when the data volume is limited and expensive. Or if there is no WiFi available far and wide. We have written a detailed article on OpenStreetMap with a lot of background information.

OsmAnd - App that can navigate offline

The OsmAnd ("OpenStreetMap Automated Navigation Directions") app uses OpenStreetMap data for navigation - online and offline. The app is available free of charge in the F-Droid store, and donations help to develop the project further. Outside of F-Droid, the app is available for a fee, which is also used in development.

Marble - the world on the PC

On the PC you can view the world as a sphere with Marble and with the zoom you can view map sections. In addition to OpenStreetMap maps, satellite images, historical maps and all sorts of other gadgets are available. In order to be able to navigate without an internet connection, you have to download the corresponding map area (File -> Download Region) and download the navigation engine.

Wikipedia always with you - even without a network

Wikipedia is unbeatably practical: knowledge about any area can be found in seconds. And all content on Wikipedia can be used offline! Of course, Wikipedia articles are also to be enjoyed critically, because incorrect information sneaks in unintentionally or is even deliberately written.

Kiwix: Use Wikipedia offline

There are many ways to use Wikipedia offline. Whether on the tablet, smartphone or PC, e.g. with the free software Kiwix. The program is available for Linux, Mac and Windows, as well as an app for iOS and Android. The Android app can be downloaded directly from the F-Droid store.

Various versions of Wikipedia and other collections can be downloaded from the Kiwix Wiki. For example, the entire German-language Wikipedia, without pictures and version history, fits most common smartphones with approx. 5.3 GB and 25 GB (with pictures) can at least be saved well on the PC. [Status: November 2016] If you do not have internet access via WLAN with your smartphone, it is best to download the content in the so-called ZIM files from your PC and transfer them to your smartphone later. This saves you the data volume of your mobile phone contract and your nerves.

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Note: There is no such thing as 100% security, not even because of our recommendations. Programs can have undetected bugs, and data sniffing techniques continue to evolve. Stay vigilant!
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Digital self-defense: finding ways without Google Maps - OpenStreetMap

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Published on December 6th, 2016