How do signal jammers work

cell phone signal jammer

Constant ringing and people loudly spreading half their lives on their cell phones: M.C. * found her morning train ride to Zurich to be torture. The lady found a way out on the Internet. She ordered a jammer from an online shop for the equivalent of around 150 francs. The buy cell phone jamming transmitter sends out a strong signal - and blocks the cell phone network within ten meters. "It's brilliant. Since I've got the device in my handbag, I've been able to read my book in peace, ”says M.C. She is not the only one who terrorizes commuters with apparently inexplicable network failures: When the SBB abolished the quiet cars, the Internet was even called to buy the cell phone killer. These are still cheaper than a 1st class GA travelcard.

By using jammers, car thieves prevent the vehicles' central locking from being activated by radio signals. So the car stays open.

If a car is broken into by means of “jamming” (in German “to disturb”), the partially comprehensive insurance does not pay. Criminals use a jammer to suppress the locking signal that the car owner sends to the remote lock with the key. The car remains open. Only forced entry is insured, not opening an unlocked door.

Theft from the car with "jamming" is also not insured. A Berliner was therefore left empty-handed before the Berlin Regional Court (Az. 23 S 32/14). He wanted his home insurance to replace things that had been stolen from his car.

If a driver locks his car in a public parking lot, for example in front of a supermarket, with the radio remote control, a thief can interrupt the signal from the radio remote control to the central locking of the car and thus prevent the car from being locked. While the unsuspecting car owner is away from his vehicle, the thief can take it easy to rob the vehicle.

The police are already aware of the intrusion with the jammer. According to the State Office of Criminal Investigation, special care should be taken in large parking lots and in front of supermarkets. The State Criminal Police Office advises you to pay attention to the clicking noises after locking the vehicle by radio and also to carry out a control move. In addition, no valuables should be stored in the car. "The car is not a safe".

According to the police, owning such a transmitter for private use is not prohibited. But the use of such devices as jammers is very likely. However, they are freely available and also work from buildings. auto jammer superimposes the key's radio signals and prevents the vehicles from being locked.

The bug makes it possible to use a modified WLAN card in a PC to interfere with any wireless network by interfering with the frequencies for data transmission. As a result, WLAN devices can no longer communicate with each other, with the result that the network is paralyzed. All the attacker needs is a laptop with a WLAN card and some programming skills.

What is still half as bad in the home network can cause major problems in companies. WLAN is now used not only for wireless Internet access, but also to control critical systems such as railway lines or in the energy industry.

A failure there can have bad consequences. A disruptive drone that has not been set or is set incorrectly at the wrong time and two passenger trains are racing towards each other. "Any organization that continues to use wireless technology to service critical infrastructure can be viewed as negligent," said student professor Mark Looi.

"This wireless technology should never be used in critical areas, as it could have serious consequences." The researchers want their results to be presented today at the Institute for Electrical Engineers' Wireless Telecommunication Symposium in California.