Which language has the best music

Music to Learn: Lyrics Training

That is for me the best site for learning languages ​​through lyrics. After you have chosen one of the many available video clips, you have to guess the missing words by listening to the songto get ahead. If you don't make it in time, the music will be temporarily stopped. This mechanism is extremely amusing and motivates one to make an effort, in order to be able to continue listening and possibly also to be able to sing. Lyrics Training contains a wide variety of videos on French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch and German, divided into 3 levels of difficulty (easy, medium and difficult). By registering on the free site, you can collect points by going through the exercises and be in the Leaderboard entered (a healthy level of competition is always helpful in keeping motivated).

Music to Learn: Lyrics Gaps

Another,very good sitewhich offers a method similar to Lyrics Training: you have to try to fill in the gaps in the text by watching the selected video. In the "beginner mode" there is the possibility of finding the missing words in alternative ways, so that the advanced and expert modes are much more difficult (as with Lyrics Training you have to enter the word you are looking for). Here the music continues even if the exercise has not been completed, which is what this activity compares to Lyrics Training less interactive lets appear. With the integration of Google tools, you can look up the definition of a word in the dictionary by clicking on it: unfortunately the Translation into German but often imprecise or even incorrect (but it is still an additional help). Personally, I use lyrics training more often: the videos are the same but there are more opportunities to practice.

Music to Learn: Lyrics.com

You can watch a video on Lyrics.com and read the lyrics at the same time: This is useful exercise, but not very interactive. For now there are some videos there, but only in English. The main purpose of the site is not learning languages ​​with music, but it can still be used for this purpose. The first two pages presented are clearly better suited.


Lyrics Translate

There are no videos on Lyrics Translate, but there are large archive of song texts, including translations. A lot goes from English to German, but there is also one on the side Search engine built in, in which one looks for a certain Performers or song can search - or for one Lyrics to be translated from one language to another. You can also search for the videos yourself on YouTube, which is a bit more complicated, but also possible. The quality of the translated lyrics variesas this is an open platform that anyone can upload translations to. Nevertheless, the offer is very interesting because you can listen to a song, read along in the original language, and if you don't understand something, you can simply refer to the translation opposite as a whole.


The Tubeoke site is geared towards singing a song while reading the lyrics to it: it is very similar to Lyrics.com, but it contains one much more extensive repertoire of songs. There is even a search engine on the site that searches for videos directly on YouTube and lyrics on the Internet. So you can find many videos in different languages.












This site doesn't specialize in language learning, but it is Singing karaoke online Dedicated: You choose a song, plug in your microphone, and you're ready to sing the words that appear on the screen. Since there are a lot of songs in English, the main purpose of the site is to improve your English skills. The possibility, Hear recordings of your own singing, can help to identify pronunciation mistakes and to correct them.

All in all I find that Lyrics training is the page most tailored to language learners, but the other pages featured are also interesting. As you can see, we are continuously testing various offers in order to be able to present you the best tools that the Internet has to offer for language learning. Don't hesitate to leave a comment or click the "share buttons" below. Thanks in advance!