The Daen like to eat pastries

This is what food tastes like in Denmark

Every country has its own culinary culture. So does Denmark. And it is not difficult to guess that this beautiful country on the North Sea and the Baltic Sea relies on fresh fish dishes. But there is also a lot for the newcomer to Denmark to consider when he (or she) begins to grapple with the culinary finesse of the country.

Drink soup like a viking

Some culinary linguistics

Shopping for the kitchen in the holiday home. It's not that easy if you don't speak the Danish language. Dictionaries are now available in printed form or as an app for mobile phones. And so you can also find out what is meant when “brænde” or “jordbær” is offered. Does "kartofler" mean potato dishes or something completely different? Find out But be careful: “brænde” is rather inedible. Because this is not a high-proof brandy, but plain wood.

It can also get a bit complicated when shopping for milk. Because the selection is very large and ranges from the Skummetmælk with 0.1% fat content to 3.5% milk. The packaging for yoghurt is also usually unusually large. Are you wondering what is behind the term "Tebirkes"? This is a puff pastry that is widely used in Denmark and can be sprinkled with sesame or poppy seeds. When you visit a supermarket in Denmark for the first time, you will notice many differences to what is on offer in our markets. Treat yourself to a little experimentation and try the Danish specialties.

The day starts with a Danish breakfast

A generous breakfast is compulsory in Denmark. And that's called Morgenmad. The bakeries (called "Bageri") have a diverse selection of baked goods that are attractively presented in wicker baskets. Sweet biscuits attract customers in the shop window and a large pretzel hangs over the door as a distinguishing feature of the bakery. In contrast to many bakeries from our regions, the Bageri in Denmark often still bakes home. And you can let this difference pass on your tongue. Do you like the classic white bun? In Denmark, this "Rundstykker" is often sprinkled with blue or white poppy seeds. Perhaps not quite typically Danish, you can also buy rye rolls or wholemeal rolls in well-stocked bakeries.


The “Bolle” rolls, which are both savory and sweet, are a little softer. The chocolate kiss is called Flødebolle and is sometimes enjoyed for breakfast in Denmark. Tebirkes made from puff pastry can be understood as the Danish answer to a croissant. If these are sprinkled with linseed and sesame, then it is “Grovbirkes”. The Tebirkes are also offered with a delicious sugar syrup filling.

The jam from the Den Gamle factory is now so well known that it is also available in Germany. Rumor has it that it tastes even better in Denmark. When you smear Danish jam on your baked goods for the first time, you will be surprised that it is a little more liquid than you know from German jam. But that doesn't have to be a disadvantage and the taste will convince you anyway. Classic flavors are orange, strawberry, raspberry and also black currant. And of course compositions that combine the different flavors. At certain times of the year there is also jam with rum or whiskey.

If you like a more hearty breakfast, then the processed cheese or ham can be recommended as a topping on bread. Small pieces of mushroom are also ideal for Danish bread. A very special delicacy is the spicy blue cheese, the "Danablu".

Hot Dog - Danish national dish

Danish delights in chocolate and sausage

If you want to enjoy Denmark from the sweet side, Pålægschokolade is recommended. These are dark chocolate platelets that also taste great in buttered rolls. It's easy to guess what the word "honey" means: bee honey in Denmark has a particularly delicate aroma. Look for the Danish flag on the label if you want to bet on the original.

The hearty liver pate is called "Leverpostej" in Denmark and is refined with a variety of herbs and spices and cooked in the aluminum bowl. With a slice of bacon, you can turn it into the Danish smørrebrød, which you have known from the Muppet Show for 40 years and have certainly wanted to try for yourself. The rolled belly meat with a herb filling, which is cut into small slices as rullepølse, is also particularly interesting. Or how about the Danish Mettwurst, the "Spegepølse"? You can get Danish sausages in the discounter. But you can also buy directly from the butcher in the farm shop. You will taste the difference.

Yoghurt is also part of the Danish breakfast. And the portions in which a yoghurt is offered are impressive. A liter pack is not uncommon. If you want to consume less sugar, then sour milk products without additional flavorings are recommended. These go wonderfully with the taste of Ymerdrys (grated wholemeal bread with brown sugar) or with breakfast cereals.

In Denmark, a sumptuous breakfast is often ended with "Gammel Dansk". This is a bitter bitters that will pose great challenges to your taste buds.

Smörrebröd with fresh fish

Fresh fish on the lunch table

After such a sumptuous breakfast, you could actually do without lunch? But the fresh fish is tempting for lunch and this is where Denmark's cuisine becomes really interesting.

And the frozen food plate is ideal: This can consist of a colorful range of maritime delights, such as:

  • pickled herring
  • Crabs
  • Smoked fish fillets
  • Bacon with cheese
  • liver pate
  • Eggs with mayonnaise
  • roast beef

All of this is garnished with different pieces of vegetables. If the stomach is still full from breakfast, the slightly smaller smørrebrød will do the same.

As a drink, the “Øl”, the Danish beer, goes well with the frozen food plate. And then the Akvavit follows for digestion. Or how about the liquorice schnapps Ga-Jol?

If you are looking for a quick lunch break then the fish cakes are recommended. It is as widespread in Denmark as the bratwurst in this country. By the way, it doesn't matter whether you want to enjoy the meatball cold or warm. Both taste wonderful. The fish cakes come in a variety of flavors and most of the time one vacation is not enough to get to know all the options.

A Danish specialty for the eyes and the palate alike is the Stjerneskud. This shooting star consists of a large salad plate with crabs and breaded plaice. For the hot days, a Koldskål is a refreshing lunch dish. It's a butter milk dish with small biscuits.

Relaxation with coffee and cake

A sumptuous breakfast. A fish platter for lunch. The only thing missing now is the afternoon coffee break. And here again the bakeries have delicious pieces of cake to offer. It starts with Wienerbrød. This consists of

  • Sliced ​​almonds
  • Pieces of puff pastry
  • sugar
  • cinnamon
  • Chocolate coating and vanilla cream

Of course, Wienerbrød can also convince as a breakfast treat. In the afternoon there are “Flødekager” in all variations on the cake table. These are pastry pieces that are prepared with a lot of cream. And the selection of cakes from the bakery is also impressive.

The Danish coffee is called Mellemristet. It is characterized by its tasty and at the same time gentle roast. Black tea is often offered with real lemon or orange pieces. Whether you get your afternoon feast from the bakery or stay in a cozy courtyard café, there are sweet treasures everywhere in Denmark. This is also due to the whipped cream, which has a fat content of up to 38%. And maybe it is also due to the happy Danish cows, whose milk somehow has a particularly fine note.

You don't want to take in so many calories at the cake table? Then the "Rødgrød med fløde" is the solution, the Danish red grits. It may not be easy to pronounce, but it goes by the tongue all the faster.


Cooking yourself in Denmark

To cook yourself? This is not a problem at all during your vacation in Denmark. Many holiday homes are equipped with comfortable kitchens where you will not miss anything. Of course, you can also cook vegetarian meals. With a little preparation, you will surely find all the ingredients you need in grocery stores in a short time. Because even in Denmark it doesn't always have to be fish.

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Conclusion: Denmark tastes good

If you are one of those holiday lovers, then a holiday in Denmark is definitely the right choice for you. It starts with the sumptuous breakfast. At lunchtime the fish plate is on the table and in the afternoon you can enjoy Danish desserts from the bakery. Whether you let yourself be pampered in the restaurant or cook for yourself in the holiday home, you can be sure of an enjoyable holiday in Denmark!

Great shopping in Denmark

Do you want to fill the trunk with groceries on the way to Denmark or do you prefer to shop in Denmark? A combination of both is often the best way to go. Food prices in Denmark are usually a little higher than in Germany, but if you want to prepare fresh meals on site, you can get to know the regional specialties in Denmark.