Are yellow rose leaves okay to eat?

From the garden kitchen Edible flowers: day lily, Indian nettle, rose and Co.

African basilAromatic herbdelicate basil aromaScented nettle (agastache)Decoration, rich in tasteMint flavorScented roses (suitable varieties: e.g. 'Rose de Resht', 'Jasmina')Ornamental plant, decoration, aromatic; for candy, for rose oil, lemonade, sugar or salt sweet, floweryHostaOrnamental leaf with flowers in white, cream and purple tones; Flowers can be mixed with rice, for example flowerySeasoned TagetesOnly special Spiced Tagetes flowers can be eaten. Attention: The marigolds, which are sold as ornamental plants with partly lush flowers, are usually not edible. reminiscent of citrus fruitsHigh flame flower (Phlox paniculata)Use for desserts such as fruit salads and cakes or dusted with powdered sugarsweet and spicyHorned violet (Viola cornuta)as a candidate or as a decoration on desserts and in saladspleasant, lightNasturtiumsDecoration, seasoning, mainly used for saladshot, mustard aromaMonarde, Indian nettleSummer bloomers, leaves can be used as tea, effects similar to lemon balmsweet, fruityclovedecorationneutralCornflowerdecorationneutralMarigoldMedicinal plant, intensely coloredneutralDaylily (Hemerocallis)Large buds and flowers that can be fried in beer batter, filled with cream cheese, yogurt or quark or cut into a salad Depending on the variety, lemon, apple or neutralWild mallowMedicinal herbvery gentle, easy