Dries out pipe tobacco

This is how dry tobacco becomes moist again

If tobacco is stored a little longer with the packaging already open, it can easily become crumbly - but with these tips, dry tobacco will become moist again.

Every smoker who does not stick to filter cigarettes but to rolling or pipe tobacco knows this annoyance: Once the tobacco pack is opened, the herb dries out inexorably. When smoking, instead of being enjoyed, it only causes a burning sensation in the lungs and has lost its good taste. Fortunately, dry tobacco will get moist again if you use the right means.



Quick help from Mother Nature

  • There is a solution for dry tobacco in almost every kitchen. Anyone who has either an apple or a potato in the house can moisten their tobacco again without much effort.
  • Depending on the amount of tobacco, cut a few slices from the fruit or vegetables and place them loosely and well distributed in the packaging of the dry herb.
  • For a normal 40 gram bag you need about three to four slices. These should be approximately three millimeters thick.
  • After two hours you can already control the tobacco. Because depending on the type of tobacco, a good quality for smoking can already be produced.
  • When a dry tobacco is moist enough again, the slices are collected and freed from the herb that has stuck to them.
  • Apples leave a pleasant and fresh fruit aroma in the tobacco, whereas potatoes are pretty tasteless.


Aluminum foil and microwave bring moisture

  • The fact that dry tobacco becomes moist again is also thanks to the microwave. To do this, the dry herb is placed in a microwave-safe bowl and moistened with a little water.
  • Cover the bowl and place it in the kitchen utensil for a few seconds. During operation, the moisture is evenly distributed in the tobacco.
  • Before it can be smoked again, the tobacco should be left alone for 15 to 30 minutes with the lid closed. If it is still too dry after this period of time, the entire procedure can be repeated.
  • You can buy special humidifiers in tobacco shops, but you can easily make them yourself. To do this, roll up some kitchen towels and then moisten them.
  • The wet wipes are tightly wrapped in aluminum foil. In this one pierces a few small holes with a needle and then places the construct with the tobacco. Due to the slowly escaping moisture, dry tobacco becomes moist again.
  • If the tobacco gets too wet by one of these methods, it can simply be left open for a few hours. In the sun or on the heater it shortens the time before you can smoke it again.