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Google's Jigsaw announces toxicity-reducing API, Perspective, and processes 500M requests daily

Perspective was launched in 2017 to help tackle online toxicity and harassment. Perspective rates comments based on their perceived impact on the conversation and helps platforms keep comment areas open for engaging and productive conversations.

"Internet toxicity is a pervasive problem that disproportionately affects the marginalized, threatens independent journalism, and drives down freedom of expression and healthy dialogue," said Jared Cohen, CEO of Jigsaw We have measurably reduced platforms and enabled them to create safer spaces for their users to exchange ideas. We are committed to working with our partners and academic institutions to continuously train and develop our models so that they can become even better at toxicity identify while minimizing bias to support healthier conversations. "

Jigsaw built Perspective based on models developed in collaboration with Google's Counter Abuse Technology team, and now enables a variety of platforms to create a safe space for dialogue through multiple use:

Feedback for commentators: Perspective can provide real-time feedback to commentators on the potential perceived toxicity of their content, leading to significant results:

  • Coral from Vox Media, a prominent comment platform used by media organizations around the world uses this feature to allow commentators to change their wording before posting it. A controlled study with McClatchy found that40 percent of users leave their comment changed in response to the feedback.
  • OpenWeb, a leading audience engagement platform, hosting 100 million monthly active users, introduced this feature after an OpenWeb study conducted as part of wider Jigsaw research found that all commentators using their language have edited 44.7 percent of commentators replaced or removed offensive words and 7.6 percent chose to completely rewrite their comment.

Help for human moderators: Perspective also serves to help human moderators work more efficiently and reduce toxicity on their platforms:

  • The New York Times built Moderator: a tool that Perspective uses to prioritize comments for human moderation and approve those who are most likely to pass manual review. The Times increased the number of articles it could open for comment with Perspective to give readers a wider and more varied choice of articles to comment on.
  • FACEIT, one of the largest European gaming platforms, uses Perspective's toxicity score to issue warnings or bans to users who can turn to a human moderator for final verification. As a result, this real-time moderation has FACEIT found a 20 percent reduction in toxic messages.
  • Cofina, a Portuguese media company, was able to meet the need for human moderation Reduce 60 percent, saving your team at least 2 hours a day was able to save after integrating Perspective into their CMS to moderate the comments in their sports and financial newspapers.

“Perspective API has greatly improved our ability to detect toxicity in our comments. It has made the work of our moderation team more effective and efficient, and since implementing the tool we have been able to increase the number of articles open for comment by about a third. "Marcia Loughran, Community Editor, The New York Times

“Working with Perspective has enabled us to drive positive interactions across hundreds of dynamic and engaged communities and tens of millions of users. The solutions are sleek and smooth, and support our vision of a high quality engagement with less toxicity. " Nadav Shoval, CEO & Co-Founder OpenWeb

“At Coral we focus on making the important work of moderators easier and faster. Perspective helps us identify comments in multiple languages ​​that require immediate attention. The Perspective team is an excellent partner for this mission. "Andrew Losowsky, Head of Coral at VoxMedia

“We have integrated the perspective into our CMS in order to moderate the comments in our sports and business newspapers. We have reduced human moderation by 60 percent. We save at least two hours a day and are very happy with the results. It has also improved the quality of the comments on our websites and the way we interact with our users. " Nuno Alves, Online Technical Director, Cofina Media

“At FACEIT, we are committed to addressing toxicity and nuisance in gaming directly. As our player community grows and evolves, we have had to develop effective solutions that work on a large scale. Perspective provided us with the perfect toxicity model that we used as the basis for building our anti-toxicity engine. " Maria Laura Scuri, Director Business Intelligence, FACEIT

Through its partnerships, Jigsaw Perspective has also trained in new languages ​​so the machine learning model is better able to improve online conversations on a global scale - it is currently available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian and Portuguese. Perspective's partners include: El Pais, Le Monde, Cofina and several other publishers who understand the importance of having high quality conversations on their platforms in different languages.

Jigsaw is also continuously working with partners to research ways to mitigate machine learning bias. Please read some of Jigsaw's recent research here.

Learn more about Perspective and give it a try in the third edition of The Current.

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