Why is home so great

Vacation at home? It takes the right mindset and planning to be great.

Vacation at home doesn't sound like relaxation to you, but rather an austerity measure? In this article you will learn how we made it a great time. Spoiler - it takes the right attitude and disciplined planning.

It was January, the planning of the summer vacation was pending and the annual question about that where occupied the Lorenz family.

After some back and forth it was clear - in August it will follow Bad-my-garden.

This year we didn't want to do anything for two weeks during the summer vacation and just stay at home.

Staycation is that called in the new German.


The first club vacation with the children on Mallorca was planned for May and the apartment on the Baltic Sea was already booked for the autumn vacation.

Because the ducat donkey in the garage is constipated and because I'm not at home that much anyway, we thought it was a good idea.

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If you are wondering how it is, vacation at home, here is our experience report.


Recovery, yes - but different

Can a vacation be relaxing without the beach and the sea?

Without anticipating too much - yes, but ...

The But I have to insert in fairness. If you approach a home vacation with the same expectations as you approach a travel vacation, it will likely be disappointing.

I think it's the change of scenery that makes for a completely different experience. A vacation in another place and the associated vacation feeling is strongly linked to the external impulses. If this is missing, which is probably the case at home (unless you are really very seldom at home), it will hardly be a problem classic holiday feeling to adjust.

A “staycation” must be planned

Like every vacation, the vacation at home needs to be well planned. I would even like to go so far that the time-out at home should be planned even better and more general staff than a flight.

Without proper planning, your time at home will likely look like you will crawl out of bed at some point in the morning, have breakfast and start living your day.

There is still the tax return that you wanted to make, a few slats are loose on the fence that you have wanted to fix for a long time, and so on. A day is over quickly, a week and before you know it your vacation is over.

Recreation? Nothing!

For a successful holiday at home, you can create a balance between leisure activities (such as swimming, visits to the zoo, visits to the amusement park), time out at home and small to medium-sized projects.

Read that right - Working on vacation ...

There is a good reason for that. You should just because you vacation Forcing you not to mow the lawn, not to make the overdue repairs and to ignore everything else that is in front of your nose every day, it will haunt you the entire time and gnaw at your guilty conscience.

Result: pure stress.

So plan what you can realistically do without being busy all the time, and do it. A vacation at home doesn't mean just lying around on the lazy side.


Give your wife a break

And what is true for you is also true for your wife.

For you, a vacation at home often means no holiday, because the housework still has to be done.

But so that she also has something of your time together, cut back. The house does not have to be cleaned every day, eats out more often (you would certainly do it on vacation) or get a cleaning help for the time.

A weekend lasting two weeks

When I got back to work, I was asked how the vacation had been. I answered very spontaneously "Like a 2 week long weekend".

I think it hits the nail on the head because our weekends are a mixture of work and fun.

In the two weeks we made many trips, including to the safari park, went swimming and did some bike rides (even if the weather wasn't great).

In between we enjoyed our time together and the family kept giving me fun tasks.

The climbing tower in the garden has been pimped up since our vacation. He now has a balcony, a pole and a climbing wall.

The garden is back in shape and in the house all the pictures have been hung, desks have been installed, lamps repaired and paint stains removed.

And it was all a lot of fun because the family worked together on all these things.

Conclusion: vacation at home is great

My personal conclusion of the two weeks is that vacation at home is great.

It is a great opportunity, especially if you can be at home a little less often due to work to go on vacation in your family's everyday life. What I found particularly nice was to experience my children in their familiar surroundings and to spend time with them. When on vacation in a different place, you are often too distracted by the new surroundings to really consciously deal with one another.

We enjoyed our everyday life as a family and had a lot of fun.

I don't need it every year, but every now and then a few days at home to relax and unwind, has definitely done me very good and is repeated.

Have you ever been on vacation at home? I would be very happy about your experiences as a comment.

Do you know someone who thinks about vacationing at home? Then I would be happy if you share this article.

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