What made coding easier for you

All costs for VW coding

Coding can be costly, especially when done in a workshop. Depending on the number of codings, this can cost a few hundred euros. You ask yourself twice whether it is really worth it. Today we show you an inexpensive alternative that allows you to the cost of coding your VW to keep it low.

How much does VW coding cost? For a workshop, the costs are between € 30 and € 50. Depending on the number of control units, this can be significantly more. On top of that there are the working hours which usually amount to 100 €. A major intervention costs up to € 300. The Carly app offers a simple and, above all, inexpensive alternative. This allows you to code all codes on your VW yourself for just 100 €.

However, today we will not only show you the advantages of using the Carly app, but also what workshops won't tell you about coding.

Special note on VW coding

Even if the MQB technology (modular transverse construction kit) is great and makes a lot of things easier, one thing becomes more difficult. Coding your Volkswagen.

Since VW shares its control units and electronics with up to 40 models from Audi, Seat and Škoda, you can never say exactly which control unit (in which combination with other control units) is installed.

Therefore, the following list should be treated with caution.

What you can code on your VW with Carly always depends on the control unit combination. Carly is constantly being developed to adapt to this situation! You can see what you can code in the Carly Lite version, which you can download for free from the App or Play Store.

What can I code on my VW?

When coding your VW you have countless options and the number varies depending on the model. However, it can be said that you can use the Carly app to carry out any coding you want, regardless of the model. Today we're going to show you some of the most popular Coding for your VW. Maybe you will find what you are looking for.

VW mirror coding

One of the most popular options is coding the mirrors. There are also countless options available to you here. For example, you can set the mirrors to tilt automatically when you engage reverse gear so that you have a better view of the area behind you.

The coding to automatically fold out the mirrors is also no problem with the Carly app. Here you can set the speed at which the mirrors fold out after they were folded in when parking. You can also try out different codings and test which setting suits you best.

VW start stop automatic coding

A very popular coding is the automatic start-stop. Who does not know it? The start-stop automatic has to be switched off manually every time you don't want it. This is annoying and not so good for the engine either. With a simple coding, however, you can set that the automatic start-stop does not stop and you do not have to switch it off every time.

Coding VW high beam

When coding your high beam, you have a huge selection of coding that you can do on your VW. Depending on the model, this can of course vary and you have a different number of options. With the Carly Lite version, which you can download for free, you can see what you can code.

With the help of the Carly app but you also have the option of doing many other codings on your VW. But is this safe at all? And do I save time with it? This is exactly what you will learn in the next few paragraphs!

What do I have to pay attention to when coding?

Coding a car is something most people don't have much to do with. However, the Carly app allows you to do just that yourself and thus save you the trip to the workshop and on top of that, the other workshop costs. Everyone can code their car quickly and easily from home and drive it to work the next day.

However, there are a few things to look out for when coding your VW with the Carly app should pay attention. So it is important that you are sure which coding you want to do. With the Carly app you have a good overview and can easily select the coding that you want to code.

Of course there is also coding here that is heavier than some others. Here we can only advise you to start with an easy and uncomplicated one to learn how to code and then keep going up.

Generally speaking, nothing can go wrong with coding. You only activate functions that were simply not activated before. With the Carly app, you don't have to worry that your control unit may have been programmed incorrectly, as it shows you how and what you have to code, for example to code your high beam.

But you should make sure to carry out the coding in the same way and you should take the time to carry out the coding conscientiously so that everything works as you want it.

What do i need to code?

Many of you are probably wondering what you need to code your VWs. This question is often asked and is justified, since many models need a specific readout device in order to even know what can and cannot be coded.

To use the Carly app, you also need the Carly adapter. This costs € 59.90 (available on the Carly website) and is precisely tailored to Carly so that there are no communication problems between the adapter and the device. In this way, clean communication between the various components can be guaranteed.

The Carly app including adapter costs a total of € 100. Compared to other providers, you save a lot of money and probably unnecessary stress, because with the Carly app you can do the coding yourself quickly and easily.

Do I save money by coding myself?

As mentioned briefly above, coding in the workshop is expensive fun and understandably not everyone is willing to pay for it. But there are also many providers that allow coding at home. Often the costs still amount to a few hundred euros because the purchase of the required materials is not cheap and you also want to install tested goods in your VW. On top of that, there is also the hours of researching the parts that are needed for coding. And you only know whether this is really what you need when you have installed it after laborious work.

Fortunately, there is the Carly app. This allows you to do a lot with your VW for little money. But you also save yourself the long research on the parts, because the Carly app comes with an adapter that allows you to use yours Coding VW itself and read out. This saves you a lot of money and you don't have to look for the right parts that you don't trust 100%.

The Carly app is also very easy to use. The possible codings on your VW are displayed and you can choose what exactly you want to code.

It also describes what exactly you are coding and in which control unit you will find this coding. This makes coding a lot easier and also gives you a better understanding of how the coding works.

Can I do all the coding myself?

Often you ask yourself whether you can really do all the coding yourself without having to go to the workshop. You also ask yourself whether you need to have a certain amount of prior knowledge in order to get your Coding VW or whether this can be done without any mechanical knowledge.

In the case of the Carly app, this question can be answered with a clear “yes”. Carly offers a user-friendly alternative to conventional coding and is understandable for everyone without a technical vocabulary. So you can easily do all the coding on your own and you don't have to drive to the workshop.