What's your favorite image of a Hubble telescope

LEGO Store Event: Legendary Hubble images as a LEGO 3D model

April 14, 2021: As part of the LEGO Go Beyond space campaign, images of the famous Hubble space telescope were recreated in LEGO bricks and displayed in 168 LEGO stores around the world.

The campaign kicked off last month with the launch of the LEGO NASA® Space Shuttle Discovery, which features both the shuttle and the famous Hubble space telescope.

Ideal for adult builders, the new set is a detailed replica of the STS-31 mission that started in 1990, when the space shuttle Discovery and its five crew members took the Hubble space telescope into the cosmos. Since then, the Hubble Space Telescope has provided wondrous images from deep inside space, leading to breakthroughs in astrophysics and space exploration.

The LEGO Group has recreated three variations of the famous image of the Pillars of Creation as multi-dimensional 20 × 20 inch stone works of art in the style of a bas relief, which are displayed in LEGO shops. Thanks to the instructions at LEGO.com/gobeyond, brick lovers can recreate their own versions at home.

The aptly named Pillars of Creation captured by the Hubble Space Telescope are part of an active star-forming region within the nebula, and hide newborn stars in their wispy pillars.

Former NASA astronaut Dr. Kathy Sullivan, who was on the original STS-31 mission and participated in an exclusive Q&A www.lego.com/gobeyond to mark the launch of the new LEGO space set, also shared her favorite images of Hubble: “There are so many spectacular ones Images the Hubble Space Telescope was able to capture over the years. Some of my favorites are the Ultra Deep Field, which looked at a small section of the sky and found endless galaxies; the echo of light, which captures the reverberation of light through space caused by the eruption of a star; and the pillars of creation, which consider a region where stars are born. What the telescope has been able to capture over the years is really extraordinary. "

The 3D structures will be available from April 18th in selected LEGO stores worldwide and can be viewed at Lego.com/gobeyond. There you can also log into LEGO VIP for the full interview with former NASA astronaut Dr. Sullivan on the original ST-13 mission and the use of the Hubble Space Telescope.