What is the best healthy nutrition app

8 apps for proper nutrition

Dirk Bongardt

If you want to eat well and still pay attention to a healthy diet, you can get support and suggestions from many apps. We present eight suitable ones.

People need vitamins. And trace elements. And water. He is allowed to calories - but not more than he actually consumes. If you think a lot, you need sugar. If you want to put on muscles, you need protein, and if you want to lose weight, you should keep your hands off carbohydrates.

Eating healthy is a science, and a controversial one at that.

It is undisputed that a person's eating habits have a very significant influence on their well-being and health. So that you stay fit and healthy, we are introducing you to eight apps that will help you to eat and drink the right amount and at the right time.

We wish you good appetite - and stay healthy!


The Android app “EAT SMARTER” offers well-sorted access to 100,000 recipes and also teaches the basics of healthy eating.

It is not so much the large number of recipes that make the Android app “EAT SMARTER” so useful, but rather how easy it is to find. The recipes can be filtered according to a variety of categories - whether the user wants to consume as few calories as possible, spend a maximum of 20 minutes on preparation, value a gluten-free diet or follow the rules of the Glyx diet. All recipes include an exact list of ingredients (the contents of which can be transferred to a shopping list) and illustrated preparation instructions as well as information on what exactly is particularly healthy about the respective dish.

Useful even without registration

If you want to create an individual cookbook from the recipes, you have to register. Almost all other functions can be used completely without registration, especially the shopping list function. To use them, all you have to do is tap the ingredients you need and then switch to the “shopping list” via the menu.

The design of the app is very appealing and it is absolutely intuitive to use. And if you have not yet been able to cook, you can learn it very quickly thanks to the illustrated instructions.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app "EAT SMARTER"

The app not only offers an endless number of healthy recipes, it also conveys a lot of knowledge about nutrition and preparation.

Pro: Easily find suitable recipes

Cons: Some recommendations do not match the chosen diet (example: pasta with low carb)

Overall grade: 1.41

Functionality (45%): 1.30

Operation and support (40%): 1.50

Design (15%): 1.50

German-speaking, free of charge


The “LowCarbGoodies” Android app is all about a diet based on foods with very few carbohydrates.

The body converts carbohydrates into energy faster than fats and proteins. The result: as long as the body gets enough carbohydrates, the fat reserves remain on the hips. With the help of the Android app “LowCarbGoodies”, users can find out about foods and recipes that are low in carbohydrates. This is a blog in app form that is also entertaining to read.

Better to look for recipes via the pictures

The biggest weakness of the app is its confusion: A search function can only be found if you have scrolled down a long list of recipes. Tip: A recipe search via the menu item "Pictures" leads to your goal faster. The number and selection of recipes for a low-carbohydrate diet is quite considerable. Especially those who can relate to the Austrian terminology (where the German “Quark” means “Topfen”, for example) can draw on the full here.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app "LowCarbGoodies"

If you want to try the low-carbohydrate diet, you will find plenty of information and recipes here.

Pro: Lots of recipes, also for cakes and other desserts

Cons: Overview could be improved

Overall grade: 2.28

Functionality (45%): 2.00

Operation and support (40%): 2.50

Design (15%): 2.50

German-speaking, free of charge

Fitness recipe of the day

EnlargeFitness recipe of the day

"Your body is shaped in the kitchen" says the description of the Android app "Fitness Recipe of the Day". The app now offers a whole range of recipes.

A new recipe every day, that is what the developers of the Android app “Fitness Recipe of the Day” promise, and it should also be healthy. The users also have access to the recipes from the previous days, which can be found in the categories “Breakfast”, “Lunch”, “Dinner”, “Snacks” and “Desserts”. All recipes include a list of ingredients and detailed, understandable instructions for preparation. However, there is no shopping list.

No search function

Even if recipes can be found relatively quickly thanks to the sorting, we missed a search function. We were also irritated by the division of the recipe collection into "pages", which takes additional time to browse.

The design is simple, but the pictures of the finished dishes are all very appetizing.

Conclusion on the test of the Android app "Fitness recipe of the day"

There's a new recipe here every day, and quite a few have come together in the meantime. Hopefully there will be a search function in one of the next updates.