What do you mean by casting

The cover letter

For actors, singers, dancers and crew, the cover letter usually consists of an e-mail, to which you attach your vita, photos or sedcard and, depending on the job, voice samples or videos.

At StagePool, all of these files are automatically sent with your eChiffre application; A personal cover letter is also included here.

As a StagePooler you can enter it as a "short personal message" in the eChiffre form. You can find out how to do this here.


In the subject line above, state the job you are aiming for and the source from which you got the job advertisement. Introduce yourself with your full name and try to find a specific contact person whom you address by name in the greeting. In the signature at the end of the e-mail, you enter your contact details with telephone, postal address and e-mail address. Make sure that you write in good German (or, for international productions, English) and check everything again for spelling errors - the minimum is an automatic spell check in Word. Your writing style is good if you sound correct, but also not stilted or screwed. Use short sentences and avoid old clichés like "hereby" or "for this reason".

Caution: Automatic correction programs are often not sufficient for truly error-free writing, because they too allow errors. It is better if you look it up in the dictionary when in doubt!

Short and personal

The e-mail cover letter should be short and precise. Under no circumstances should it be longer than can be printed out in 12 pt on a DIN A4 page. Otherwise nobody will read it to the end. Don't get lost in long explanations and subordinate clauses. Don't just repeat what is already on your resume in your cover letter. It would be a bad mistake to simply send the same cover letter to all employers! A producer has to recognize in your writing that you mean exactly him and that you are very interested in his offer. He should understand that you are an asset to his project.

Custom-fit qualifications

It is not called a letter of motivation for nothing, because it is about your very personal motivation to strive for a certain job. You want to arouse the interest of the cast or producers in you and briefly teach them why just you for the job in just this production are the right choice. If you z. B. apply as an extra in a knight film, in your cover letter mention your athletic abilities and previous experience in costume films. Not only does it claim that you have certain skills, but also substantiate them with appropriate work samples or references to a previous activity. Let it be seen that you know the project or - even better - the production company you are applying to well and have already dealt with both.

Tip: Avoid starting every sentence with "I" if possible. A little variety is good for the flow of reading.

Sample cover letter for advertised jobs

Suppose you are applying for a supporting role as an unscrupulous businesswoman in a crime thriller from the company XY-Entertainment. A good cover letter for you could look like this:

Subject: Application for supporting role in "Intrige"; Your StagePool application dated November 10, 2012

Dear Ms. Muster,

my name is Marie Mustermaid, and I would like to apply to you for the advertised supporting role as a businesswoman in the TV film "Intrige".

After a few years in office jobs, I am very familiar with the characters and idiosyncrasies of higher management. I know how much pressure superiors are under and how the mood among employees can change. And I take great pleasure in portraying "unsympathetic" characters: the more barbs a character has, the more interesting my task becomes. I've already shown that in two similar TV roles for the production company Grundy. The corresponding work samples are attached.

I follow XY-Entertainment's productions with great interest, especially since the series "Mobbing-Mafia". In your "intrigue" team, I see a great opportunity for me to further prove and expand my acting skills.

To find out more about me, have a look at my enclosed résumé and work samples. I look forward to hearing from you and learning more about the role at a casting.

With best regards

Marie Mustermaid

Tip: Just like in your CV, all information in the cover letter must be true!
If you lie here, you kick yourself out

Sample cover letter for speculative applications

Not all applications are aimed at specific roles or jobs that are advertised - even if there are of course the best opportunities. It is definitely worth writing to interesting producers, casters or agencies that you can find. This may give you the chance to work together in the future.

Attention, here the last request does not apply if possible to an invitation to a personal meeting - with an unsolicited application, the chances are rather slim. Here you just announce that you will get in touch again and then call your contact person a week later. A suitable cover letter from you to the company XY-Casting could look like this:

Subject: Application as a supporting actor for XY-Casting

Dear Mr. Muster,

My name is Mark Mustermann, and I am turning to you because XY Casting for the cast of the outstanding costume film "Goethe!" von Philipp Stölzl was responsible and I am very interested in participating in your future productions.

I have already been a costumed extra and supporting actor in several feature films (see CV in the appendix) and know from this experience that I prefer to work in the costume film genre. I feel comfortable in unfamiliar clothes and enjoy the feeling of playing in a bygone world. I have been with the Braunschweig swimming club for many years. V. active and have a sporty figure.

At the moment I am shortlisted for a role at the Staatstheater Braunschweig and will probably be in Berlin next month. Take a look at my sedcard at de.stagepool.com/sed/markmustermann/ 22390 or my vita in the appendix.

At the beginning of next week I will ask you again whether a face-to-face meeting is possible with you in February.

With kind regards

Mark Mustermann

Photo above left: Daniela Glunz