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Interest theft - How banks unjustifiably enrich themselves from borrowers

Small adjustments - big loss

As a result, the bank generated a plus of around € 7,900 through little trickery. The amount may seem small, but in individual cases it can mean financial ruin. The higher the loan amount, the more significant errors in the interest calculation are. This is just one of many cases. If borrowers notice irregularities on their account statements, it cannot be assumed per se that all calculations are correct and that there is an error on the part of the customer. At Overdrafts or Variable Rate Loans, it is quite possible that the credit institution has enriched itself.

Unfortunately, it is commonplace for interest rate adjustments to be incorrectly calculated, not made, delayed or incorrectly made. More and more often, a secret lowering or deletion of the credit line is carried out. In case of doubt, a check can be worthwhile - not only if the situation is as sensitive as that of Ms. Tenge.

Borrower's Claims

If it turns out that the bank has unjustifiably enriched itself, the borrower has the following claims:

  • Repayment of the overpaid interest
  • Reimbursement of wrongly paid interest cap premiums
  • Repayment of wrongly paid loan processing fees
  • Entitlement to compensation for damage caused as a result of incorrectly set overdraft limits
  • Claim for compensation for use

Depending on the amount of your loan amount, your entitlements can vary six-figure amount sum up. For example, the Düsseldorf Regional Court has a customer of the Apo-Bank a repayment of 254.419,13 € awarded.

Legal support increases the chances of success

Ms. Tenge has to assert your claims legal support fetched. This is advisable in such a case. Especially in the area of Statute of limitations and one possible set-off it is of great importance to act quickly and correctly. Only a credit expert can precisely track the movements on the account in an elaborate process and thus create a basis for repayment claims.
Our law firm works with several court-approved credit experts together. Together with our expertise, we can support you optimally. Like Ms. Tenge, not everyone has a financial advisor who can point out irregularities. Therefore we offer you one firstfree verification of loan agreements and payment flows. If the suspicion is confirmed, we will advise you comprehensively on the opportunities and risks of legal action. We have a corresponding report prepared and negotiate with the respective credit institution - if necessary in court.