Why are testicles called nuts


Testiclesto edit]

Meeting point for women's knees.

Contains important lubricants and operating materials for the filler neck.

Wild rider testicles [to edit]

Guys THAT are nuts, eh?

Riding testicles overran half the world on their horses. These daring fellows were given this name because they had really big balls. Really big bells! Even the coolest cowboy turned green with envy.

All day on the horse. Muesli in the morning, spaetzle at lunchtime, popping in the evening and a little color TV, and finally to the toilet. And the whole thing on the horse! Something like that can really get on your feet!

And their captain was Attila the Whore King. He had the best guys! Two huge onions, really a huge bag. He had to hang his bullets back when he got on the horse. His nuts then hung right and left behind him from the horse. The others copied that, who didn't have such great radishes, but the idea wasn't bad and the saddlebags were born. A lot of hemorrhoid ointment fit into it.

Hygiene[to edit]

Testicular fog is recommended for the care of the family jewels and the good old scabbards, also called fingernails, for coarser things. Ice packs or, if necessary, cold water help with swelling.

Testicular Pain and the Consequences [to edit]

Continuous scratching of the said balls can cause skin irritation and possibly a rash. Depending on the mood, the man's facial muscles warp, resulting in a peculiar shape:.

Religion[to edit]

With the Hodismus a separate religion has developed around the testicles in India. In this religion not only is it allowed to form an image of God, but it is prescribed. This religion is spreading more and more. We now have at least one hodistic image of God in every public building, mostly as wall or door decorations in special testicle care chambers.

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