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Opponents of amygdalin, on the other hand, claim that high concentrations of orally administered amygdalin in particular can lead to cyanide poisoning and even death.

The story of amygdalin from apricot kernels

Amygdalin gained a certain degree of notoriety as early as 1952. At that time, Dr. Ernest Krebb and Dr. John Richardson intensively with amygdalin in cancer therapy. Dr. Krebb extracted the amygdalin from bitter apricot kernels and prepared it so that it could be injected into cancer patients. Yes, he is said to have even injected it himself to demonstrate the safety of amygdalin. Dr. John Richardson is said to have cured several cancer patients in San Francisco with amygdalin.

Studies with amygdalin

Later in the 1970s were on New Yorkers Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), the largest private cancer center, carried out various studies with amygdalin. The scientist Kanematsu Sugiura found that amygdalin could not destroy the primary tumor, but apparently the metastases - at least in mice. Although the success of these experiments - according to official statements - could never be repeated by other researchers and therefore the results of Sugiura's experiments should not be published either, the message of the "cancer-curing" amygdalin reached the public and caused a great sensation.

Amygdalin studies at the Mayo Clinic

At the same time, the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, conducted clinical studies with amygdalin. Most of the participating patients had advanced cancer. Most of them had already undergone chemotherapy and radiation treatments, which were unsuccessful. After the administration of amygdalin, cancer is said to have stabilized within three weeks in 70 percent of patients. But then the effect of the amygdalin could no longer be demonstrated and the cancer continued.

Amygdalin is banned

In retrospect, it turned out that in this study, on the one hand, the almost inactive isoamygdalin was used and, on the other hand, after the first three promising weeks, the therapy was suddenly switched from intravenous amygdalin to oral amygdalin instead of continuing with intravenous administration. As a result, the amygdalin was banned by the American health authority FDA.

Amygdalin today

Today, amygdalin is only used by very few doctors, e. B. in the Contreras Clinic in Tijuana / Mexico, where amygdalin has been an important part of cancer therapy for 25 years. Lothar Hirneise writes in his book "Chemotherapy cures cancer and the earth is flat "that he had personally interviewed doctors and patients in the Contreras Clinic and heard of positive experiences. However, Hirneise also points out that amygdalin must be administered intravenously, as it is very uncertain whether amygdalin will work if it is taken orally. In order to achieve the necessary dosage by oral route, one has to ingest large amounts. However, these in turn could quickly overwhelm the gastrointestinal tract.

Not just amygdalin

So the bottom line is that amygdalin made from bitter apricot kernels certainly cannot work miracles. Perhaps the secret lies in the right combination of different measures. And so we learn that Paul Reid didn't just eat 30 bitter apricot kernels a day to heal his lymph gland cancer. He did a lot more! So he completely changed his diet and since his diagnosis has been vegan and 75 percent of live raw food. In addition, he carried out a comprehensive bowel rehabilitation program and devoted himself to prayer. Paul Reid is of the opinion that this combination of intestinal rehabilitation, nutrition rich in vital substances, amygdalin-containing apricot kernels and his unshakable faith saved him.


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