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In the Korean language there is German Loanwords (= a word taken from another language into your own language). Most of the German loanwords came from Japan, when Japan had close ties with Germany during the Meiji period (around the 19th century). The German words come mainly from the area of western medicine and technology. The same German loanwords in Japanese were carried over to Korean.

Examples of German loanwords in Korean

court - 호프 (hopeu) means beer pub and is derived from the word “Hofbräuhaus”. Not to be confused with courtyard such as “backyard”.

job - 아르바이트 (areubaiteu) means part-time / part-time job. Many Koreans abbreviate the word in 알바 (alba). Not to be confused with the actress Jessica "Alba". 😉

  • plaster - 깁스 (gipseu)
  • Collagen - 콜라겐 (collages)
  • allergy - 알레르기 (allaereugi)
  • radio - 라디오 (radio)

“Hof” is on the sign in the upper left corner

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