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Astra vs Be-Theme theme comparison [2021]

May 10, 2021 | by: Martijn Assie | ENNL

Be-Theme vs Astra, we're exploring why these themes are so popular. These are both multipurpose themes that can be used for any type of website. Astra also has a free version, but of course we'll be discussing Astra Pro here. Both themes get very high ratings from people who bought the themes, especially Astra with a near flawless 5/5 rating.

ASTRA THEME (Be-Theme vs Astra)


In this comparison between Astra and Be-Theme, we start with the Astra-Theme, which does not automatically mean that it would be better. First, I'll explain what Astra is best for. The fact is, 1,253,898+ people have a site with Astra, so there must be something special about it. The strength of Astra is speed, there is only one similar issue when it comes to speed and that is Generatepress. The faster your website is, the higher in Google, the longer visitors stay on your website and there are more benefits. Speed ​​is very valuable today in the daytime. With Astra you are in professional hands in this regard. Web shops also have to be fast, which means more sales. Let's start with that because Astra was built to build beautiful, super-fast webshops.


Astra is optimized to get more conversions for your shop and generate more sales. A webshop with Astra is simply much faster than with any other topic. On the Astra website you can see how this was tested against 50 other top topics. A fast loading webshop is valued not only by your visitors but also by Google. This increases your shop in Google's SERP and attracts additional visitors. Your visitor numbers and their appreciation therefore increase exponentially.

Astra offers great opportunities to design your shop exactly the way you want without the need for technical knowledge. That was unthinkable a few years ago. Ok, you can install all of the existing Woocommerce plugins without worrying about compatibility issues.

In addition, Astra offers a range of modern shop options that will make your webshop a real success, such as: B. Infinite Scroll, customizable grid settings, off-canvas sidebar, quickview, dropdown shopping cart and more. More information here.

In this Astra Review I would like to say again that the topic is not only appealing, but that special attention was also paid to creating a perfect design and easy operation for mobile web shops. This is in view of the increasing turnover via mobile devices, which is expected to be over 50% in the next year.

It's also worth noting that you can customize the entire checkout page to suit your needs. A poorly structured checkout page can quickly cost you a percentage of your sales. As you can see, the Astra team has thought of everything when it comes to e-commerce.


You can control Astra via its own control panel and the Wordpress customizer. However, the theme is prepared for use by an elite page builder. Preferably Elementor, although DiviBuilder, Thrive Architect, BeaverBuilder, and WP-Bakery pagebuilder are certainly good alternatives too.

My first choice, Elementor, has a free version and a pro version. AstraPro + ElementorPro is of course perfect, it depends on your budget what is best for you. It doesn't have to cost anything, as Astra also has a free version with fewer options than we present in this Astra theme review.


As can be seen below, the Astra theme has unprecedented fast load times. No matter where you run tests, on Google, GtMetrix, Y-Slow or Pingdom, it always scores phenomenally. These are well-known speed tests and as I said earlier, only Generatepress is able to match such results.


Astra gives you access to a library of demo sites or starter websites from which to start your project. These can be installed with one click via the importer. There are 3 types that you can use without a page builder and demos made with Elementor and BeaverBuilder. As soon as such a demo has been installed, you can insert your own logo and adapt the design, photos and texts to your wishes. Technical knowledge is not required for this.


Schemas are short snippets of information that search engines should add to our pages so that they have a better idea of ​​what exactly is on that page. When you do this, you will be rewarded with a better display of your website in search results. Astra will automatically add schema markup to your pages as specified here by Astra.


Astra Transparent Headers, Astra Custom Headers and Astra Custom Footers are PRO functions with which you can design your entire header and footer according to your wishes without any technical knowledge. Incidentally, this also applies to your 404 pages. You can offer different headers to different user groups in your system.

Astra has so much more to offer, but I won't list everything as announced at the beginning. Here you will find a nice overview with all Astra functions.


You will agree with me that Astra is a very special topic that is superior to most other topics. I'm only talking about the PRO version, of course, as the free version without a theme can compete with the top themes today. I personally work with Astra in combination with Elementor and as a professional designer it is one of my favorite topics as well as the Divi Theme which can be used anytime and anywhere. Astra doesn't actually have any weaknesses and I can definitely recommend it.


Astra starts at $ 41 for a year, you can build as many websites as you want, that's not money compared to other topics. If you need to spend a little more, you topped up your Astra with the Mini Agency Bundle for $ 169 per year. This is probably the best option for businesses including the Elementor page builder. That is certainly a good price too, as most other themes work with licenses that are only valid for one website. With Astra, the number of websites is unlimited. Add a little more and you immediately have the top package for $ 249 a year with all the great plugins they have. All in all, Astra is definitely recommended and has very interesting deals when you buy a lifetime package with huge discounts.

On the Astra topic

BE-THEME REVIEW (Be-Theme vs Astra)

In this Be Theme Review for [2021] we pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of this great theme. What immediately strikes you is that the design is pretty simple, but very stylish. Once people start working with the theme, they immediately find that customizing the theme is a lot easier than many other premium themes. The many functions of the subject are explored later in this paper.

Be Theme review lay-out

The Be Theme includes no less than 600+ different demo websites that can be installed with one click. For each niche, you will find several suitable themes from which you can build your own house style. As a web designer, I quickly find a suitable layout for websites that I create for customers with the Be Theme.

A couple of demo voorbeelden

To be honest I have to say the design is perfect for making a cool website that works really well. But for a real top website that people want to pay a lot of attention to and make a great impression, it is better to use another premium theme. You can find ratings for such topics in our overview of the top topics for [2021]. The Be Theme is perfect for the beginner!

The developer of the BeTheme is Muffingroup, an elite seller op Themeforest met rond de 15 producten in de verkoop, de meeste zijn themes. Muffingroup won many reviews such as Recommended Author, Monthly Best Seller, Power Elite Author, and Weekly Best Seller. You can imagine that they are delivering a solid product. The Be Theme has an average rating of 4.62, which is very high. The theme has sold 222,000+ times since 2014.

Muffin Builder, a drag and drop page builder

The Muffin Builder is integrated into the Be theme, with which you can quickly make adjustments to your site. The Muffin Builder is a drag and drop page builder that is more than satisfactory and has all the options you need. Choose one of the 600+ layouts and add elements to your pages. This works fine and very well.

Be Theme Review: WP Bakery Pagebuilder

If you use the WP Bakery pagebuilder instead of the Muffin Builder, a pagebuilder with more fame then this is possible, this is also included in the Be Theme. You have the choice. This page builder also works with drag and drop and is also a great tool to create beautiful pages with great freedom and purchase them separately. You lost no less than $ 64. Personally, this is one of my favorite page builders as it has practically all of the top topics and there are plenty of add-ons for it.

New: Elementor compatibility

Since 2021, the BeTheme has also been equipped with Elementor and some additional widgets, as shown below.

Video and parallax backgrounds

The BeTheme supports the use of parallax backgrounds that leave a pleasant impression on your website with your audience. Full width and video backgrounds are also possible. Along with a decently designed page, this is a great way to give your website a professional look. While writing this BeTheme review, this weakness of the subject quickly stood out.

20+ different header styles

The BeTheme design includes over 20 standard header styles that you can use this way. The logo can be placed in several places along with the menu. There is usually a menu at the top, but you can use a left or right menu as well. The headings can be adjusted as required in the Be Theme. Everything can also be customized in terms of fonts, font sizes and colors. The Be Theme allows different headers and even logos per page.

Shortcode generator

A short code can be generated for practically all functions of the topic. That way, you can incorporate these features into any page, post, or widget.

BeTheme extras

The Be-Theme Design also offers you the following options: Over 600 different fonts, custom widgets, Revolution Slider and WooCommerce Ready, RTL support, mega menu, visual icon selection, unlimited sidebars, bonus premium plug-ins, maintenance mode, Google Maps Styles, BuddyPress Ready, Styles for ContactForm7 and Gravity Forms.

Compatible with WPML

Ready to translate with WPML that allows you to create multilingual websites.

Be-Theme vs Astra Conclusion

First off, thank you for reading this Be-Theme vs Astra comparison to the end. The Be theme is characterized by a large number of demo designs for each niche. This comes in very handy for a lot of web designers who can put together any type of website so quickly. However, when we talk about quality, Astra is much better off. The designs are nicer and more professional, especially for business. The Be theme has its own page builder which works fine, but of course we prefer Elementor in Astra. It is definitely recommended to take Elementor Pro if you can save some money. Astra Pro + Elementor Pro is a well-oiled machine that allows you to quickly create beautiful websites.

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