What was your first Stephen King book

Best Stephen King Books

Stephen King is one of the most famous writers in the world. He is known worldwide for his horror books, but the truth is that he has also taken his first steps in other works that, while bordering on the subject, are not as terrifying. He is the author of more than sixty novels, excluding stories, short novels, non-fiction, scripts and other types of literary texts. Despite this great variety, it has to be said that almost all readers agree What are the best Stephen King books.

In Actualidad Literatura, we suggested introducing you closer to the best Stephen King books and why they are. If you want to get to know them, be sure to read the compilation we have prepared for you.


Who is Stephen King?

Stephen King was born in Portland, Maine, in 1947 and is one of the most famous American writers, especially for his horror and mystery novels. Almost all of them have been (or will be in the future) adapted for TV series or movies, and their books have been translated around the world.

Naturally did not start to be successful from the startIt only began to be successful in the 90s. What was your first novel? Well, the first was Carrie, a novel the author himself did not believe in and yet thanks to his wife he finished it and sent it to a publisher. This was not very successful at first (the publisher itself gave him little money for his time) but the truth is that he succeeded and that he chose to devote himself entirely to writing.

This is how other novels such as The Mystery of Salems Lot or The Shining, one of the most famous, came out.

Over time, his novels caught the attention not only of publishers and readers, but also of producers, who began to consider adapting his novels in films or even series. And that made it even more successful.

Best Stephen King Books

Given the amount of time the author wrote, this is normal for Of all of his books, there are some that are considered to be the best of Stephen King's books.

And what are they? Well they are the following:

Stephen King: It

It is one of the books that has fascinated readers the most. But also for those who, without reading the novel, were enthusiastic about the adjustments in the cinema. Because yes, there are several. It is rare that they usually do more than one adaptation of a novel, but with Stephen King he succeeded, and with very good results it must be said.

In this case It has a "something" that you won't find in other books. Because we're talking about an adult story, but the protagonists are children. In addition, the plot that revolves around them is full of paranormal, supernatural, and yes, terrible situations.

And we can't forget the villain, one of the best defined by the writer. And it is that the sequences that are lived and how he describes them make you live the fear and horror in your own flesh.

The glow

Who doesn't know The Shining? If you are a horror lover, it is very normal for you to know this novel. It's one of the most famous haunted houses (and in fact a second part was recently filmed trying to recreate the setting of that first film).

Among the best Stephen King books, this has to be one mandatory due to the way the author brings fear into your body. But also to see how the protagonist develops. Because it comes from the books where you will see it change through the pages and fall into madness almost without meaning to, but the writer takes it by the hand.

Stephen King: As I write

As we told you before Stephen King is not just a horror writer. If that's what you think, you are very wrong because among the best Stephen King books is As I Write, one of the best books for those who want to devote themselves to writing.

And it is so that the author himself tries to think about how he became a successful writer by giving details that were previously unknown, but also ideas and advice for those who want to become successful writers.


As we told you before Carrie It was Stephen King's first novel. And what did he do? Throw it away because I didn't trust her. His wife saved it, however, and we assume she read it to later convince her husband to finish it and send it to a publisher. And thank God he did.

The story revolves around a girl who is molested by her classmates. And of course there comes a time when she develops powers and uses them to get revenge for everything they have done. A classic and one of the best Stephen King books.

Stephen King: The Dark Tower

Personally, The Dark Tower is one of Stephen King's best books. And something that not many people know is that it is based on a simple poem. Yes, from a medium-length poem, King produced a saga that consisted of several books.

The first one to start the saga can be one of the hardest to read, but if you pass that "bad shot" you won't be able to stop reading from the second. Of course, we recommend that you have them all on hand, as, as we say, you will not finish one without already having the next in hand so as not to miss anything that is said.

In these books You will find terror, as is usual with the author, but also mystery, friendship, love ...


For any writer, the truth is that misery is almost a must. And the fact is, if you realize, few books have a writer as their protagonist. Other types of occupations are always chosen, perhaps closer to the readers reading these types of books.

But in this case King decided to hire a writer and a fan of this one. And by the way to the extreme. And here you can see how a "healthy" relationship can be perverse and lead to the greatest terror.

Stephen King: The dream catcher

If you've seen the movie, now is the time to reset your memories as the book has no comparison to the customization you made. The Dream Catcher is one of Stephen King's best books, and it is it immerses itself in the thoughts of the protagonists in an incredible way and at the same time presents us with an original story.

Also, we will tell you that at certain times they can remind you of others like Stranger Things or The Goonies in terms of a certain "special" character.