Why did Carlo Ancelotti leave Bayern Munich

Carlo Ancelotti on time at Bayern Munich: "Was a philosophy problem"

, Alexander Manov

Carlo Ancelotti talks about his time as coach of FC Bayern Munich and explains why he had to leave the German record champions.

Coach Carlo Ancelotti has opposite DAZN about his time at Bayern Munich. The current trainer of the SSC Naples recognized Differences between his views and those of the Bayern leadership.

"Things didn't go bad, we won most of the games in September. I think there was a philosophy problem. She didn't want to change things, but I did, "said Ancelotti of Bayern's leadership.

The Italian was on leave after losing the Champions League to Paris Saint-Germain. "Of course, every trainer has his own ideas", he now stated, but also stated that he had adapted to the circumstances in Munich.

He tried to combine his views with the values ‚Äč‚Äčthat already existed at Bayern: "The most important thing is to include the characteristics of the players and to work out the game model from it, not the other way around. "

That is also his approach in Naples. "I don't want to take all the good things away from the team. We're trying to change a few things, to play a little more directly. "The stated goal in Italy is of course to win the championship title.