What are the dimensions of a circle

● Circle calculation - calculations around the circle ●
Enter a value and press 'Calculate'. The other values ​​are output.

When entering a decimal, the is Point to use.

Any unit of length can be selected if it is always the same unit.
So: radius, diameter or circumference in cm and the area in cm2. Inch and feet are also possible.

The circle formulas:

Further calculations:

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Circle: A circle is a cornerless figure, with every point on the circle being the same
Distance to the center of the circle. This distance is called the radius. The radius is that
Half the diameter. Every straight line that passes through the center of the circle is
Mirror axis of the circle. A circle with radius 1 is called a unit circle. The
The dimensions of a circle are essentially determined by the number π (Pi) characterized. π is this
Ratio of the circumference to the diameter of a circle. One denotes π also as
Archimedes constant according to Archimedes or as Ludolf's number according to Ludolph van Ceulen.

A circle usually represents an area. Who by volume
of a "circle" asks, they should think again carefully.
Maybe after one Bullet asked, because it has a volume.