What is a homogeneous substance

Homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures

Basic substances consist of only one chemical substance. Distilled water or common salt crystals are pure substances. Most of the objects in our environment, including ourselves, are Mixtures of substances. Mixtures of substances can homogeneous or heterogeneous be. Homogeneous mixtures have the same composition and the same physical and chemical properties in all parts. In the case of heterogeneous mixtures, individual constituents can exist in different aggregate states and / or consist of different substances.

Shown here are wine as an example of a homogeneous mixture and granite as a heterogeneous mixture.

Wine basically consists of a mixture of ethanol and water in an approximate ratio of 1:10. It contains tartaric acid, salts and aromatic substances. Every drop from this glass has the same composition.

With granite there are clearly three different components (light, transparent quartz, dark, shiny mica and yellowish feldspar). Each of these three minerals is a homogeneous pure substance in itself, the rock is heterogeneous.