Which apps use Touch ID

Sign in with Apple: what is it and how does it work?

What is “Sign in with Apple” and what does it do for me?

Many apps and websites require an account. In order to simplify the registration process for you, some providers allow you to use Facebook, Twitter, Google or Apple for this. You don't have to remember an additional password or fill out forms. The individual services take on this job. With Apple, however, you have the advantage that you use your Apple ID and Apple has designed its own system for your privacy. As a result, the app or website only received the data that you allow, while everything else is anonymized. Even your email address can be hidden if you wish. A separate e-mail address is then generated for each new service, which cannot be used to identify you.

Use "Sign in with Apple" - here's how

Basically, the use of "Log in with Apple" depends on the app and the website. Apple only makes this mandatory if you can also log in with other social media services. If only the email address is required, the developer can offer this optionally. With Apple you also have the advantage that the account is secured by two-factor authentication as well as Face ID, Touch ID or the device code.

By the way, you can always check on your iPhone which apps are using your Apple ID to log in. To do this, open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID at the top. Then select the entry "Password & Security" before you tap on "Apps that use Apple ID". After a short loading time, you will see all the apps that are stored for "Sign in with Apple". You can remove them with a swipe to the left. Select an app for more information. There you can, for example, prevent e-mails from being forwarded.

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