Difference Between Nephritis and Nephrotic Syndrome

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Could someone explain to me a clear difference between nephritic and nephrotic syndrome, is it just because of the origin?

Can I have Nephritic Syndrome and Nephrotic Syndrome at the same time? :-))

Does anyone have a list with which "GN type" you can find what?

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Nephritic syndrome = hematuria, hypertension, edema (Volhard's triad) in glomerulonephritis, i. d. R. also proteinuria (not necessarily "major")

Nephrotic syndrome = protein excretion in the urine> 3.5 g / 24 h + hypoalbuminemia + hyperlipidemia + edema

Both are possible at the same time and not so rare in acute GN.

But there is also GN without nephrotic syndrome, while nephritic syndrome i. d. R. is one of them.

A nephrotic syndrome without nephritic syndrome can be found e.g. B. in amyloidosis and a number of other diseases.

More details may be available later or on specific request.

Thank you first of all ....: - great

In addition, one could add that the nephritic syndrome tends to be part of the acute course of a GN (kidney failure is ultimately in the foreground), while the nephrotic syndrome is ultimately a kind of burned-out stage of a group of nephropathies, which is basically the result of massive protein loss stand in the foreground.

The prime example of the nephrotic syndrome is minimal-change-GN, which is basically a relatively harmless disease and usually does not lead to dialysis, but to a nephrotic syndrome.

Unfortunately, the GN are a terrible topic that you can really grit your teeth on - have fun studying these diseases! Unfortunately, I don't have a really nice overview with nephrotic - nephritic - both in combination.

We in the Nephro module had the following list of glomerulonephritis:

Key symptom nephrotic syndrome ->
Membrane eyelet GN
Minimal change GN

Leading symptom nephritic syndrome ->
Post-infectious GN
Membranoproliferative GN

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