Which shoes go with every outfit


Which shoes go well with your outfit?

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The shoes look so beautiful in the shop and you have an exact idea of ​​what outfit you would wear them with. But at home shoes and wardrobe don't really go together. So you go back to your favorite couples. In the fund there is another pair of shoes that are just great and that you almost never wear

Golden rules for the right shoes for the right outfit

There are some no-goes when choosing shoes. There are also wonderful additions and the somewhat difficult mix of styles.


can be worn with skirts and trousers alike. Especially for tall women, these shoes look chic with narrow trousers. If you have more compact legs, you should avoid ballerinas as much as possible. Since they have no heel, they can visually shorten the leg.


are the business shoes at all. Regardless of whether it is worn with an elegant dress or a trouser suit: pumps always fit. Depending on the height of the heel, they create slender legs. However, please never forget that stockings are compulsory in the office. Especially when you are in contact with customers. That is why pumps are suitable for every outfit.

Slingbacks, peep toes

often let the heart melt away. These shoes are so beautiful that some women buy the outfit with noble footwear. That's why they can be worn very well in the evening. Regardless of whether it is a party or a theater, they look great with any festive clothing. Please avoid stockings when wearing peep toes. Nothing takes away the charm of such shoes more than visible seams on the toes.


go well with jeans, sporty trousers or short casual skirts. They are the leisure shoe par excellence. There are selected pairs of these shoes that can also be worn with trousers in the business sector. These are really classy pieces. If you are unsure about this outfit, you should concentrate on the time after work when wearing sneakers.


may also be worn with business trousers if it is possible to put on stockings with them. Otherwise they go equally well with sporty trousers and playful dresses. Only boyfriend jeans should not be combined with sandals. They would then destroy the outfit stylistically.

Sandals, toe sandals

Short pants and wide skirts are an outfit these shoes go with. Holiday look and summer, vacation and a good mood. These are the characteristics of all types of sandals. Thong sandals are allowed for the evening if they are made of leather and adorned with decorative stones. For example, if you like to stroll through the nightlife of your holiday destination in a hippie outfit, you can't go wrong with thong sandals.

Ankle boots, half boots

In addition to trousers, short skirts (e.g. denim skirts) and opaque stockings also look great with coarser shoes. Finer ankle boots, on the other hand, can also be worn with trousers. It depends very much on the special style of the shoes. You always cut a good figure in ankle boots with jeans.


are the all-rounders among shoes. Worn sporty over tight trousers or with a wide, long skirt, they adapt to almost any outfit. Especially with skirts - short, tight, wide, medium-length, etc. - boots are always possible. There is even business clothing that is suitable for boots. Then, of course, when shoes are made of discreet material.

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