What is a PVC pipe cap

This high quality PVC cap, also known as PVC end cap, is available from us in common sizes. It is used as a tail on a PVC pipe set and serves as a seal or as an end piece of the pipe.
From a diameter of 10mm these are PVC fittings Available in several sizes up to a diameter of 140mm. These caps are used as sealing caps for pipelines. They are used in plant and industrial construction, in garden irrigation, in sprinkling systems as well as in aquaristics, pond construction and swimming pool construction.

The PVC fittings need exclusively on one PVC pipe be glued on, screwing is not possible here. If the product is simply plugged on, this is not sufficient for the shelf life due to the slight variation in the inner diameter due to production. Due to the fluctuation in the inside diameter, it is possible that the caps either stick very loosely in the pipe or have to be inserted very strictly into the pipe. In order to prevent the cap from loosening from the pipe when exposed to liquid, a clean bond is essential. After thorough cleaning of the parts to be bonded with a special PVC adhesive, the PVC cap permanently sealed to the pipe. The connection is sealed and permanently connected and fixed to the pipe.

These pipe caps are preferably placed on pipes to which no further connections are to be attached, since the adhesive bond is very durable and usually can no longer be removed.

Please note that the PVC adhesive caps can be used for a maximum pressure of 16 bar and can therefore also be used for most pipe systems.

Product features:
- glue socket
- Operating temperature 0 to 45 ° C (briefly also up to 60 ° C)
- PVC-U (gray) with the typical properties of resistance to alkalis and acids
- Operating pressure up to 16bar

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