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The Amazon A-to-Z guarantee: between sales genius and returns madness

Have you ever made a bad buy? Pants with a ghastly pattern? Or maybe a connection cable with the wrong type of connection? Anyone who has bought in stationary retail can now go back to the store and hopefully exchange the goods. However, anyone who has been online cannot simply stop by the store again. The same applies to a guarantee claim. That's why Amazon offers its customers one with the A-to-Z guaranteecomprehensive buyer protection if there are problems with an order from aMarketplace- Dealer comes, for example because of defective goods.

For the customer, this has the advantage that he can rely on Amazon in the event of a warranty claim, instead of having to clarify the matter with the seller alone. For you as a retailer, however, the A-to-Z guarantee meansthat Amazon will decide on the guarantee case - unauthorized and, as a rule, without involving the actual seller. To make matters worse, Amazon also takes a warranty claim into account when calculating the seller's performance, so that retailers feel additional pressure from this side.

But first of all we want to clarify which conditions Amazon applies for the A-to-Z guarantee, which cases are covered by the buyer protection and how the customer can make use of this Amazon guarantee.

What is the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee?

Shopping on the internet is always one for customerssmall risk: Are the goods as described? Is the dealer serious? Will I possibly receive defective or damaged items? All of these are imponderables that can easily be eliminated in brick-and-mortar retail - this is naturally more difficult in e-commerce.

To take such concerns to customers and provide atrustworthy basis Amazon introduced the free A-to-Z guarantee. This guarantees the customer that the online giant will intervene and reimburse the purchase price if there are problems with an order. The customer can be sure that he will get his money back by making use of it, even if the marketplace seller should perhaps be less accommodating. From the perspective of the e-commerce giant, a clever move:Customer confidence increases, sales pick up.

Occasionally the A-to-Z guarantee is also called “Amazon A to Z” or “Amazon AtoZ”. But it's the same thing. In this article we therefore consistently use the German term.

When does the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee apply?

Whichrequirements are necessary so that a customer can submit a warranty claim to Amazon? Basically, the customer must have aphysical goods via Amazon's website Purchased from a third-party provider or used the Amazon Payments service to purchase goods from a third-party provider. In addition, at leastone of the following conditions for the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee:

  1. The seller also has the ordered goodstwo calendar days * after the last possible estimated delivery date not delivered yet.
  2. The item delivered wasmalfunction or damaged.
  3. The delivered itemdid not match the description of the seller on the product detail page.
  4. The seller has promised a refund or a replacement, howevernot prompted.
  5. The customer has returned the goods as part of the purchase contract, howeverno refund of the purchase price received by the seller. In the case of international returns, the seller was unable to provide a German return address or, alternatively, a franked postage stamp for a free return.
  6. The customer wereadditional costs billed (e.g. customs fees).

In addition, the customer must give the dealer the opportunity to settle the matter before he can apply for a claim. For this it is necessary that the customer via "My Account"contacted the seller and this gives two working days * time for an answer. The actual guarantee application must be submitted to Amazonno later than 90 days after the order date enter.

This group's help page mentions two calendar days for delivery and two working days for an answer. However, three days are specified on the Amazon A-to-Z Guarantee help pages. To be on the safe side, sellers should reply to the customer as soon as possible.

Which cases are excluded from the Amazon guarantee?

Buyers can rely on the A-to-Z guarantee when ordering via Amazon - in the vast majority of cases. There are a few, howeverExclusion criteriathat the e-commerce giant does not refund. This mainly applies to non-physical items such as payments for services,digital products and monetary payment methods such as gift vouchers.

So if you want to submit a warranty claim to Amazon that relates to an e-book or a music download, you have no claim. The same applies if the respective payment is made by credit card or direct debitBank revoke the direct debit Has. Likewise, customers are not entitled to the Amazon guarantee if the defective article has not been reported to the retailer within 14 days or if the product is opened from the health or beauty sector.

Of course, the Amazon product guarantee also excludes all cases that do not meet the requirements. This can be the case, for example, because the article matched the description on the product detail page or the shipment was properly delivered andthe seller will prove this could.

However, it can also be that the application for the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee is rejected because, for example, the buyer did not return the item or only wanted to use the guarantee at Amazon because he or she wanted toregretted the purchase Has.

Can the Amazon customer withdraw the A-to-Z warranty claim?

It takes some time for Amazon to check the warranty claim. In the meantime, it can of course happen that the matter resolves itself, for example because seller and customer are onefriendly solution have found. As long as the claim to the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee is still being checked, retailers usually only have the optionask the customer to withdraw the application. The buyer can do this by contacting customer service or by replying to the confirmation email of the application.

If the seller and buyer come to an agreement after the guarantee has been granted, the customer should also contact theCustomer service contact in order to trigger a new debit of his account for this order and to put the guarantee case aside.

What are the consequences of an A-to-Z guarantee application from Amazon for the seller?

In principle, the rules for the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee sound reasonable: For example, it appliesin the event of defective goods or negligence on the part of the dealer, which must be allowed a certain amount of time to clarify the problems before a warranty claim can be made. In addition, the customer must cooperate by providing information and sending the goods back.

However, the practice seems to be different. Numerous dealers report in the threads in the relevant forums about their experiences and themassive problems with the guarantee for products sold on Amazon.de. Again and again there is talk of a lack of returns by the customer, inadmissible justifications and fraud or the difficult communication with the digital company. For example, Amazon often makes the decision to approve the warranty claim and reimburse the amount without having received a return from the customer. Therefore, for the Amazon seller, the A-to-Z guarantee often means the loss of both the purchase price and the goods.

UPDATE May 2020: The Federal Court of Justice (BGH) has passed a judgment according to which Amazon sellers are not bound by the A-to-Z guarantee (Az. VIII ZR 18/19). The judges criticized the fact that the test criteria for the guarantee remained unclear and saw no possibility of finding a solution that was in line with interests, as the seller could not defend himself against Amazon's decision. Merchants can therefore request a refund directly from the customer through Amazon if they believe that a product has been delivered intact, for example, even though the customer claims otherwise. In case of doubt, the seller can therefore file a lawsuit against the customer.

Effects on seller performance through the Amazon "A-to-Z" guarantee

For theMarketplace-However, it gets worse for dealers: First, she playsSeller performance a decisive role in the battle for the buy box; secondly, there is also an influence on the ranking within the search results for private label goods. If Amazon has assumed the guarantee for an order, this is assessed as an order deficiency at the expense of the retailer and is accordingly included in the overall assessment of the seller's performance.

TheOrder Defect Rate refers to the last 60 days and may not exceed 1%, otherwise the seller's account is threatened with suspension. However, in order to have a chance at the Buy Box, the rate should come as close to 0% as possible.

Therefore the following applies:Avoid collecting an order deficiency with an application for the Amazon A-to-Z guarantee! The best way to do this is through good, service-oriented customer communication. Respond promptly to customer inquiries and try to solve any problems quickly and easily, for example with a free replacement delivery. If the warranty claim is unjustified or it is even fraudulent, you should be able to prove this to Amazon as far as possible, for example by providing proof of delivery from the delivery service. If there are more warranty claims for a product, check the description on the product detail page, if necessary.

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