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Scott Westerfeld - So cute that I had to eat him / Peeps


Cal Thompson came to town about a year ago. The New York nightlife and girls were far more interesting than his university courses. Until that one night he spent with the mysterious Morgan. Suddenly his biology degree is vital. Because Cal is infected: He is a peep - parasite-positive.
If a peep falls ill, he begins to hate sunlight and develop superhuman powers and senses. Parasite-positive people form strange bonds with rats and love blood - human blood!
Cal is the carrier of the disease, infected but still healthy and able to control his cravings. However, he is never allowed to be with a girl again: A single kiss can turn her into a peep. But his work for the underground organization, which is dedicated to tracking peeps to the darkest corners of the city, brings him together with the pretty Lace. Cal's decision to live his life alone is put to the test.

The author:

Scott Westerfeld was born in Texas and now lives in New York City and Sydney. He is the author of numerous novels for young people and adults in the English-speaking world. In 2004 he received the Aurealis Award for "The Chosen". Scott Westerfeld studied Japanese, Spanish and Latin and has worked as a teacher, editor, software designer and composer of electronic music, among other things.

Novel, 350 pages

My opinion:

For a long time I let the hideous cover prevent me from checking out the novel from the library. But somehow the content has always captivated me. Now I am glad that I read the book. Because it is not, as the cover suggests, a kitschy vampire love gag. It's a whole new approach to describing the vampire myth. Entertaining and funny. I particularly liked the many ironic dialogues between the two protagonists Cal and Lace.

The structure is also very interesting. The chapters alternate with the progression of the story, in which the first-person narrator Cal introduces the reader to his work for the organization "Night-Watch", and the introduction of a particular parasite. In the epilogue the author writes that these parasites are all real and are up to mischief right now somewhere in a meadow, a pond or the digestive system of the reader. But that's not really disgusting (ok, some hideous descriptions can't be avoided entirely ), but presented in a very funny and interesting way. This gives you a little introduction to the field of biology, which I found very instructive and which somehow always has to do with the next action in the following chapter. These inserts are kept very short, funny and in no way disturbing.

The basic topic is the fight against a pathogen or parasite that lodges in a person's body and results in a change in personality. A peep arises. These infected people can become dangerous cannibals. However, it is not said that the disease always breaks out, similar to the AIDS virus. Cal is one of those who carry the pathogen, but is still quite human. Apart from a few superhuman powers that make him ideal for the work for the organization "Night-Watch". This organization tracks down out-of-control peeps and treats them appropriately. He gets to know Lacey (Lace), falls in love and has a problem. Kisses and sex are forbidden, the pathogen could be transmitted. Nevertheless, they get closer and closer and together take on the fight against infected and crazy peeps. Then a worm-like monster that lives in the abandoned subway shafts of New York comes into play and some cats go through an ominous change. So plenty to do!

My conclusion: I was positively surprised (terrible cover!). The novel is easy to read and very entertaining. A love story without the kitsch factor! Wonderfully ironic written. An interesting new approach to tackling the ever-popular vampire theme. Also a great description of the city of New York! The story was really fun.
My review: