What is a sawa customs

The Slovenian company Sava, founded in 1921, manufactures rubber products, including tires, for a long time under a different name. In this segment it came to the union in 1998 Goodyearafter Sava previously too Semperit belonged to. Sava has been a 100% subsidiary of the US tire company since 2004. In addition to car and truck tires, the range of this brand also includes such vans. Sava tires should convince with a low price and at the same time high mileage. According to some information, annual sales amount to around eight million tires, which are produced all over the world.

The Sava range is clear, and the tires are available in many sizes. There is the for small and medium-sized cars Eskimo S3 +, one Winter tires with snowflake symbol. In addition to good driving characteristics on snow, the certified him ADAC low fuel consumption and slow wear in the 2012 winter tire test. He even received the top grade on ice. He stands by his side Eskimo HP, a high-performance tire that is primarily intended to appeal to drivers of mid-range, luxury-class and sports cars. The "Car newspaper"ruled in 2014 that he"great potential on snow revealed"and also gets along very well on wet roads.

Inexpensive all-season tires from Sava

Who doesn't need a thoroughbred winter tire - Sava tires there is also a year-round variant. The Sava Adapto for small cars scores with its economy, while the Adapto HP when testing the "Car picture"in size 195/65 R15 showed its strengths on snow and kept the risk of aquaplaning low in wet conditions. The low rolling resistance, which reduces fuel consumption, also resulted in a good rating.

Sava offers the right summer tires for every vehicle class. The Sava Intensa UHP, which is intended for fast cars, was already approved in 2011 because of its low rolling resistance and good driving characteristics.Car newspaper" as "Alternative for bargain hunters"inscribed. Perfecta and Intensa HP are suitable for smaller vehicles. Benefit from the low prices for Sava tires on mytyres.co.uk and order your new ones summer-, winter or All season tires Free shipping in our online shop. We will send the goods to an address of your choice, including a workshop that you have chosen for your tire change.