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Four questions for Josef Joffe : What is the world doing

Josef Joffe is the editor of “Zeit”. He replies to current political questions once a week.

The US Democrats have initiated impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump because he is said to have tried to use the Ukraine's head of state against the presidential candidate Joe Biden. Goodbye, Donald?
If the shot doesn't backfire. In 2016, Biden wanted to get rid of the Kiev Prosecutor General, who was upsetting Hunters financial circles. He is said to have received $ 3 million from a Ukrainian gas company. Trump will now play the matter in such a way that he has his helpers at Biden's campaign appearances maliciously ask: “Hey, Joe, how was it then with your corrupt son in Kiev? Have you abused the state for the family? "For Trump, a state charge would be a hit, for example:" There you can see again how the elites and the media want to destroy your president. "Hopefully Biden doesn’t go down, who is currently would have the best chance against Trump. In principle, a two-thirds majority for the conviction in the Senate is inconceivable. Twenty Republicans would have to switch sides.

Heiko Maas has founded an "Alliance of Multilateralists" with 50 countries. Did WmdW understand what that is?
In theory, yes. Instead of brute force à la Trump, this alliance is intended to revive the peaceful balance of interests through compromise and cooperation. Of course, everyone knows who it is against, although Maas asserts that the federal government is directed against "nobody". It does not oblige anyone - unlike the World Trade Organization, for example, which makes binding arbitration awards. To be for Maas is one thing; to oppose the superpower, a risk that must be carefully considered. Heavies like Russia and China, who do not pursue multilateral but power politics, are not included.

Why is Boris Johnson not stepping down?
Because he not only shares blonde hair with Trump, but also a tactic that goes down well with his followers. Like Trump, he demonizes everyone who is against him as enemies of the people who are the holy voice of the people - get out of the EU! - want to suffocate. So to speak: The coups against democracy and our sovereignty. In addition, he can continue to govern for the time being because new elections require a two-thirds vote in parliament. Labor's chances in an election would be poor; that's why party leader Corbyn is stonewalling and unwittingly keeping Johnson in power.

One last word about the Antifa sticker ...
The Left MP who wore the button in parliament did the cause no good service. To be against fascism is right and proper. The Office for the Protection of the Constitution, however, considers the autonomous Antifa groups to be left-wing extremist and ready to use violence. Democratic left shouldn't mess with them.

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