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Which device to buy for Lineage OS / Root?

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I've been looking for a new smartphone for some time.
Since I've seen how often various Android or iOS devices unintentionally call the manufacturer, app provider etc. home with a PiHole, I want to avoid that with a new device.

In other words, I would like to either provide a root access or an alternative ROM for silence, and remove / block everything that does undesirable things. I cannot assess whether another ROM (Lineage OS) is necessary or whether root access (+ firewall) is sufficient.
I use GNU / Linux on PCs, and I am thrilled how nice and "quiet" these computers are compared to other operating systems. But that's not really available for smartphones yet.

I have already slimmed down a lot with the apps, the most important apps are from the F-Droid Store (Newpipe, Nextcloud, RadioDroid, AntennaPod, Firefox Klar, etc.). I think I can live without apps that would not work with root.

What I would like: A good camera, at least as good as the 4-year-old LG G4 (to be able to take family photos and videos in decent quality). An OLED display would be nice (to achieve the lowest possible brightness at night). Jack would be great. I find notch and super thin edges rather pointless, but I can live with a "hidden" notch. Protection with a cover that is higher than the front of the display (the edge) would be great, it makes my LG G4 pretty indestructible (I don't know if you can still use such covers on almost borderless displays / rounded display edges). I don't really need slippery glass on the back, because it's covered by a cover anyway. The display should, however, be scratch-resistant.

Purchase: I would like to buy as new as possible with the VAT shown, as VAT deduction is possible (i.e. something used privately (without VAT deduction) has a lower price advantage.
The device shouldn't be too old, I think 6-12 months old is ok (after the initial price drop), but I would rather reluctantly buy a 2 year old device.
I have also observed that older, e.g. 2-year-old devices, are offered quite expensive (new) (hardly cheaper than the current models). Doesn't make much sense.
If there is a reliable source for used devices that would of course also be an option (as with the refurbished Thinkpads from companies ...).

So far I have taken a closer look at these (due to Lineage Support ...):
- Oneplus:
Are unfortunately getting more and more expensive and get more antifeatures (notch, no handle). The 6T was recently around 420eur, now again around 470eur, the 7 is even more expensive - it didn't convince me sufficiently.
- Xiaomi:
The hardware and the price are great (Mi 9 SE around 310eur, would fit perfectly). BUT: You don't hear much good when it comes to data (devices so cheap because money should be made with data), registration obligation and then unlocking the waiting time before the bootloader, special Windows (!) Software from Xiaomi necessary for this ...
And then that (Lineage Support discontinued for all devices): viewtopic.php? F = 10 & t = 4249
- BQ:
The Aquaris X Pro was recommended by Mike on the blog for Lineage OS. But it's already over 2 years old.
The successor, Aquaris X2 Pro is already a year old - but has no Lineage OS support (at least not officially). Is also quite expensive (340-380 EUR) and there are hardly any offers, that looks suspicious (few dealers sell overpriced remaining stocks ...).


I'm not getting anywhere on these points:

- New purchase of a device that is not too old vs. Lineage OS Support (there is no (official) Lineage Support for 6-12 month old devices that are still new and that are reasonably priced)

- Antifeatures vs. good camera (as soon as I want a reasonably good camera, I get a notch / missing handle / slippery glass ... included)

- Lineage vs. Root (would it be easier / sufficient for me to "only" root a device or use developer tools to turn off espionage and remove unwanted ones?)

- Which manufacturers / devices are still possible? I haven't really found anything with the above.

I am grateful for all tips and food for thought!

lg Thomas