Where is Old Norse taught?

Old Norse
Adjective: word separation:
old norwegian, No increase
[1] concerning Old Norse
Determinative compound, made up of old and Nordic, compare also danish oldnordisk.
[1] Norrönisch
[1] In the older Scandinavian studies Old Norse Philology taught.
[1] The Old Norse Language today no longer has active speakers.
[1] "If Snorre from the Old Norse Told to gods, some myths are reminiscent of Indian myths that were told two or three thousand years earlier. "
[1] “We saw a special task of our dictionary in that for the Old Norse To give language as much space as possible to particularly characteristic forms of expression; In addition to the word combinations typical for certain words, this includes above all the impersonal expressions and the numerous prepositional additions. "

Old Norse
Noun, n: Word separation:
Old Norse, Singular 2: the Old Norse, no plural
[1] Name for various extinct Scandinavian languages ​​that were spoken between 800 and 1500 (for example Old Norwegian and Old Icelandic)
[1] “Gradually it became Old Norse as a means of transporting a large and varied dialectal literature - unique in medieval Europe. "
[1] “It is remarkable that Icelandic (together with Faroese) has hardly changed in the last thousand years in the field of form theory (morphology) and thus to that Old Norse most closely resembles it. "
[1] “But then this unity broke apart, and now a stormy and radical and essentially independent transformation of the language began in the north, which led to this Old Norse, which emerged from this and was practically finished around 800, had a completely different character than the original Norse and also the West Germanic of the same time. "
[1] “The older ones belong to the primitive Germanic (primordial Norse), the younger ones to the Old Norse with its different dialects. "
[1] "Evidence of mythological content - for example from the Old Norse - prove the oldest sources. "

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