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Soulmate: This is what happens when we meet her

They understand us even if we don't say anything. They support every decision, donate consolation and joy in equal measure and there is a connection that can hardly be explained: whether partner or good friend, Soul mate always have a special meaning. However, it is not easy to find such a person who is as close to you as no other, who thinks and feels the same way. But the search is worth it, because if you find a soul mate, you benefit from it in different ways ...

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

➠ Content: This is what awaits you

Definition: what makes soul mates?

Many people are looking for a soul mate. This can be your partner, but also a particularly good friend to whom you are close. Some people find this person in their own family, twins are very close and often report about having a very special connection to one another. But what exactly makes a soul mate, why is he so special and for many so much more than just a friend?

Soul kinship is usually understood as a very special form of personal bond. Friends get on very well, they trust each other, can count on each other and share interests. Soulmates go one step further. They have the same thoughts and share emotions in different situations. To others, it often seems as if two people tick exactly the same way.

The strong empathy with one another also leads to soul mates understanding each other blindly without even having to speak a word.

Recognize soul mates: but how?

You don't meet a soulmate every day, a person with whom you can develop such a special relationship is extremely rare. It is all the more important to recognize a soul mate as such. However, this is not that difficult and your feeling will be of great help to you. Additionally, there are some signs that you've found a soul mate:

  • You are on the same wavelength from the start.
    Most people take a while to get close. First of all, you have to get to know each other to find out whether it really fits - whether for a relationship or a friendship. In the presence of a soul mate, you feel good much faster. The initial careful palpation is no longer necessary, instead the connection is immediately positive and you enjoy being with the other person.
  • You feel what is going on in the other.
    One look is enough and you know that the other has something on his mind? This is an indication of the special bond between soulmates. Sometimes you don't even need physical proximity for this, you just feel that it is the right time to call the other person and ask how they are doing. This works the other way around, of course, and you can't hide anything from your soulmate.
  • You are not embarrassed with the other.
    Only with a few people do you really get the feeling that you don't have to be embarrassed at all. You don't mind even the seemingly silly jokes or childish behavior when your soulmate is around. You can just be yourself and not have to adjust to any expectations.
  • You can speak openly about feelings.
    The intimate relationship with your soul mate allows you to deal with your feelings very openly and to address them. So not only joy is shared, but also frustration or sadness.

6 positive changes when we meet soulmates

A soul mate enriches your own life. It is such an intimate relationship that outsiders can hardly understand it. But what exactly happens when you meet a soul mate? We have collected six positive changes that show why everyone should meet a soul mate:

You will be braver

Those who feel alone are less self-confident, cautious and more averse to risks. The fear of what could go wrong and the uncertainty how to deal with it dominates. You are satisfied with the way things are and prefer to stay in your comfort zone instead of daring yourself to do something and thus possibly stimulating a change.

With a soulmate by your side, courage comes naturally. You have someone who always has your back, who you know will stay with you even in the worst case and whom you trust completely. Such support makes risks appear much smaller and ensures that we are more likely to believe in ourselves.

You smile more often

An honest smile is an unmistakable sign of joy, fun and a positive attitude. But sometimes you just don't feel like smiling. You are stressed at work or you may have an argument with a friend. A soulmate won't make such situations go away, but will make you smile more often.

He can cheer you up, change your mind and simply show understanding for your situation. Plus, you can always have fun with him and there are plenty of memories that can keep you smiling again and again.

You experience new things

Often you have a lot in common with a soulmate - similar opinions, preferences or hobbies. Nevertheless, there are many new experiences that you only have together. You get to know new things that you weren't interested in before, want to find out what the other person likes to do and experience these things together with them.

It doesn't have to mean that you will enjoy everything or that you are immediately excited about a new hobby. What is crucial, however, is that you can do it together with your soulmate - and for that you are willing to overcome yourself a little.

You handle problems better

Not only does a soulmate always have an open ear to listen to your problems and difficulties, they also have good advice that you can rely on. Regardless of whether you have important decisions in your job or problems in your private life: Your soul mate will always support you in getting problems under control.

You can also focus all your energy and concentration on the problem because you have someone who will take care of other matters for you that are less important but would take a long time.

You want to make others happy

Everyone wants to be happy and is ready to take on a lot for it. You study or do an apprenticeship to find a good job that makes you happy, save on an expensive purchase or travel around the world. If you meet a soul mate, from now on it is also about the happiness of the other person.

You are ready to take yourself back, to forego something or to do something that you actually don't like, just to make the other person happy - and that is worthwhile, because making other people happy is usually much more enjoyable, than doing something for yourself.

You develop stronger bonds

Not only because you want to make other people happy, a soulmate leads to positive changes in your other relationships as well. Your private friendships as well as contacts with colleagues become more intensive, friendlier and more personal.

Those who have found a real soul mate attach greater importance to relationships with other people and know what the bond can mean. You will also work harder with other contacts in order to ensure a good relationship.

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