Are solar batteries worth it

Calculate the capacity and cost of a solar battery

In order to be able to calculate the profitability of a solar battery, which one is converted Cost of saving one kWh arise. For our sample calculation are the following characteristic values given:

  • Nominal capacity 8.1 kWh
  • Full cycles 5,000
  • 90% system efficiency
  • 70% depth of discharge
  • End customer price (total investment) € 7,900

Calculation of the costs per kilowatt hour:

Nominal capacity of the solar battery * number of full cycles = theoretically storable energy

8.1 kWh nominal capacity * 5,000 full cycles = 40,500 kWh theoretical storage capacity

After that, the theoretically storable amount of energy into a practically storable amount of energy Converted: To do this, we subtract the depth of discharge and the system efficiency as a percentage:

40,500 kWh in relation to 90% system efficiency and 70% depth of discharge results in an actual storage volume of 25,515 kWh!

Now they have to total investment costs the system or the end customer price can be divided by the practically storable amount of energy and you get the Price for a stored kilowatt hour Solar power:

7,900 end customer price / 25,515 kWh = 30.96 cents per stored kWh

It costs us so 31 centsto store one kilowatt hour of solar power in our solar battery from the calculation example!

Please note that the just a sample calculation is. New developments and cheaper solar batteries can produce much better results! So you absolutely should always several offers from specialist companies for solar batteries catch up and individually calculate the profitability of a solar battery.