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Hand tachometers / tachometers
You can see handheld tachometers or tachometers on our website. With e.g. the The PCE-T236 handheld tachometer allows you to easily measure speeds and revs and transfer them to a PC using the RS-232 interface. These tachometers are also used for counting. The digital hand tachometers are particularly suitable for use in preventive maintenance and servicing of machines and systems. They enable both contact measurement and non-contact measurement of speed / rotational speed. The non-contact measurement is carried out using the reflection marks supplied. Instead of reflection marks, simple markings with a felt pen on the object to be measured are suitable in many cases. Some models of the hand tachometer have a laser target point for precise targeting of the measuring point. The PAX I speed measuring devices are ideally suited for permanent installation on machines and systems in industry / research. These devices have a digital display with digital and analog output, various optional plug-in cards are available and can be combined with optical sensors, laser sensors or mechanical measuring wheels. We also offer you a range of digital stroboscopes that can also be used as optical tachometers. If you have any questions, please use our contact form or call us at 02903 - 976 990. Our engineers and technicians will be happy to advise you on all products in the field of hand-held tachometers as well as on general questions about measurement technology.

We have hand-held tachometers and tachometers from the following manufacturers in our product range:

You can see technical data sheets and further information on all of our tachometers if you follow one of the links:

- PCE-DT 50 tachometer
(RPM measuring devices with laser, up to 99,999 rpm, 50 ... 200 mm measuring distance)

- PCE-DT 66 hand tachometer
(Hand tachometer for contact measurement)

- HTM series hand tachometers
(Measurement of speeds, rotational speed, distance and running speed measurement)

- PCE-AT 5 hand tachometer
(for speed measurement on two- and four-stroke internal combustion engines)

- PCE-T 260 tachometer
(Contactless speed measurement up to 99,999 rpm, stroboscopic function and temperature measurement)

- Handheld tachometer PCE-T236
(with contact or contactless, including various measuring wheels)

- Tachometer PCE-T 238
(for contact-based and non-contact measurement, speeds up to 99,999 rpm, independent of the direction of rotation)

- Hand tachometer PCE-VT 204
(Speedometer with additional vibration measurement function, ... internal memory, RS-232, software)

- MiniAir20 / MiniWater 20 hand tachometer
(Speed ​​measurement with a small external speed sensor, speed from 10 ... 9999 rpm)

- Tachometer PCE-VM25
(for fast optical speed measurement, with additional vibration measurement, FFT analysis)

- PCE-OM 15 tachometers
(with mains power supply and external trigger input / up to 30,000 FPM / RPM)

- PCE-DSX 20 tachometer set
(Xenon flash, 50 ... 35,000 RPM, phase shift 0 ... 359 °, response time flash 10 ... 30 µs))

- PCE-LES 100 tachometers
(Stroboscope with LED technology, 60 ... 99,990 rpm, 370 LUX at 50 cm)

- RT STROBE 3000 LED tachometers
(stationary stroboscope with intelligent LED technology for web widths up to 300 mm)

- RT STROBE 5000 LED tachometers
(high light output with 120 high-performance LEDs, frequency range: 0 ... 120,000 flashes / minute)

- RT STROBE 7000 LED tachometers
(high image sharpness, 200 high-performance LEDs, frequency range: 0 ... 120,000 flashes / minute)

- Tachometer / speed controller for permanent installation

(Speed ​​controller for fixed installation for constant speed control)


Here you can see some pictures of the tachometers in practical use (all with an optical measurement). In order to always guarantee a high measuring accuracy, almost all tachometers can be calibrated and can be equipped with ISO test certificates (optionally available from us). Either directly with an initial order or for recalibration, e.g. annually or according to the specifications of your own in-house ISO manual. This includes a laboratory calibration and a corresponding ISO certification. The high-quality stroboscopes can also be calibrated and certified according to ISO, the only question that arises is whether it makes sense to calibrate this type of tachometer. The stroboscopes are not subject to any temporal drift and the reduction in the light intensity of the lamp (over many years) can only be viewed as minimal.

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